The King of Fighters '94: Re-bout


STORY:  Rugal Bernstein is an incredibly rich and notorious arms and drugs trafficker, as well as an incredibly skilled and ruthless fighter. Having become bored with the lack of competition, Rugal decides to host a new King of Fighters tournament. Rugal has his secretary travel to eight destinations around the world and invite fighters to his new tournament.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary KOF! 

The King of Fighters '94 Re-Bout is a remake of the first ever installment to the KOF series (King of Fighters '94), featuring redrawn high-res character sprites and updated backgrounds. KOF '94: Re-bout released only in Japan on December 28, 2004 to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the KOF series.

That's a lotta snowflakes... 

features "remastered" high-def sprites in new 3D backgrounds. Clearly, character sprites appear much larger and crisper onscreen than their 1994 NeoGeo counterparts. The frame-counts have remained the same as the originals, so they animate essentially the same as before. Using both 2D and 3D elements, the new backgrounds feature some cool graphical effects and also a variety of character cameos from other SNK games. KOF '94: Re-bout on PS2 also includes online capability and a new anime intro. Unlike the original arcade version of KOF '94, players can also fully customize their teams in Re-Bout

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Page Updated: September 19th, 2014
Developer(s): SNK Playmore
Publisher(s): SNK
Platform(s): Playstation 2
Release Date(s): December 28th, 2004  ()
Characters Kyo, Benimaru, Daimon, Andy, Terry, Joe, Ryo, Robert, Takuma, Mai, King, Yuri, Ralf, Heidern, Clark, Athena, Kensou, Chin, Lucky, Heavy D, Brian, Chang, Kim, Choi, Rugal

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Final Words:

Re-bout is pretty much the "KOF version" of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. No doubt hardcore fans of the original KOF '94 really appreciate this title... even though a ton of beloved KOF characters don't appear in '94. (Iori anyone?). Personally, the ancient animation outweighs the crispy new character sprites... but they look pretty cool redrawn and all.  ~TFG Webmaster  

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