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November 22nd, 2017
"Street Fighter II X Transformers" Collaboration Poseable Action Figures Preview

Takara Tomy just announced a very interesting collaboration - a "Street Fighter II X Transformers" action figures line. These poseable figures are based on well-known Transformers characters, but colored and designed to look like Capcom's iconic Street Fighter II world warriors (and yes, they're transformable). The figures will come in 2 different packs: "Ryu (Convoy) VS M. Bison (Megatron)" and "Chun-Li (Arcee) VS Ken (Hot Rod)".

November 21st, 2017
MVC: Infinite Winter Solider, Venom & Black Widow Trailer

This morning, Capcom released the gameplay reveal trailer for Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite's next 3 DLC characters: Winter Soldier, Venom, and Black Widow. Just under 3 minutes long, the trailer provides a good look at each fighter, showing some of their combos, specials, supers, and Infinity Gem abilities. All 3 characters will become available on December 5th, 2017.

November 21st, 2017
Dragon Ball FighterZ First Screenshots & Gameplay Trailer of Gootenks, Kid Buu & Adult Gohan

Arc System Works revealed the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshots featuring Adult Gohan, Kid Buu, and Gootenks. Included in the new screens are images of the Arcade Mode menu and an offline battle lobby. Also check out a quick gameplay trailer for Gootenks and some official character artwork. Dragon Ball FighterZ launches in North America on January 26th, 2018 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

November 21st, 2017
New Street Fighter V Holiday & Nostalgia Costumes Available November 29th

Say what you will about DLC costume add-ons, but Street Fighter V has seen some excellent alternate and classic outfits over the past couple of years. On November 29th, Capcom is adding some new retro / nostalgic costumes for Birdie, Balrog, Karin, and Chun-Li. Additionally, new Holiday costumes for Menat, Kolin, Alex, and Cammy will become available. The new costumes will retail on PSN and Steam for $3.99 each.

November 20th, 2017
The King of Fighters XIV Adding New Saudi Arabian DLC Character & Stage Designed by Fan

Back in September, Manga Productions held a social media contest in the Middle East for fans to design a character and stage to appear in The King of Fighters XIV. After receiving over 300 entries, SNK confirmed that this new female Saudia Arabian character will appear in KOF XIV as downloadable content, along with a new "Masmak Fort" stage. KOF14 producer Yasuyuki Oda, character designer Eisuke Ogura, and art director Nobuyuki Kuroki, all participated in the selection process.

November 19th, 2017
SFV: Arcade Edition New V-Triggers Teaser Trailer

This afternoon, Capcom released a new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition trailer showing the first footage of some of the brand new V-Triggers. Once again, all returning characters will receive a second V-Trigger, which can add new moves, abilities, and combo enders for the respective fighter. On January 16th, 2018, all Street Fighter V players will receive the free Arcade Edition update.

November 17th, 2017
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Adds Yukiko, Azrael, and Gordeau

Arc System Works released a new trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle today, confirming another 3 playable characters in the game: Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4 Arena, Azrael from Blazblue, and Gordeau from Under Night In-Birth. The BBCTP character introduction trailer #4 briefly shows some footage of each character in action.

November 17th, 2017
MVC: Infinite Getting Balance Patch December 5th

Capcom announced that a major balance update for Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite is set for December 5th. They also detailed the contents of the patch, from general bug fixes to specific character changes. On that note, many characters and Infinity Stones are getting game-changing updates in this patch. You can head over to Capcom Unity for the full patch notes.  (Source: Capcom)

November 16th, 2017
Kid Buu, Adult Gohan & Gotenks Confirmed Playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The latest issue of V-Jump confirmed 3 more playable characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ: Kidd Buu, Adult Gohan, and Gotenks. Each of these characters played an important role in the final story arc for Dragon Ball Z. Along with a scan featuring the first images, V-Jump published some gameplay details for the newcomers as well. Kid Buu will have his "Planet Burst" as his level 3 supermove and has his stretchy arm grapple. Ultimate Gohan will have his Ultimate Kamehameha and can unlock his Mystic form when enough super meter is stocked.

November 16th, 2017
The King of Fighters: Destiny Episodes 15 & 16

It's time once again to catch up with SNK's The King of Fighters: Destiny 3D animated series. Last week, Episode 15 featured a side story for Angelina, Terry Bogard's love interest in the series. Angelina's story goes back 10 years prior to the events of KOF: Destiny, where she met her knight in shining armor (Terry) in a dark alley of South Town. Today, SNK uploaded Episode 16: FINAL ROUND, with Terry Bogard facing off against Geese Howard for their "final battle".

November 15th, 2017
Fighting EX Layer PS4 Beta Begins December 11th, New Trailer & Screens

Today, Arika Nishitani / NIN from Arika dropped some big news regarding the spiritual successor to the Street Fighter EX series and Fighting Layer. Arika's "mysterious fighting game" finally has an official name: Fighting EX Layer. Arika talked with Playstation.blog about the upcoming title, and confirmed that the Playstation 4 beta test will begin on December 11th, 2017. The beta will feature 6 playable characters: Kairi, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, Allen Snider, and Shirase. Arika also released a new trailer for Shirase and new HD screenshots!

November 14th, 2017
Tekken 7 Geese Howard TWT 2017 Gameplay Footage Roundup

With TEKKEN 7's Geese Howard being playable for the first time at the TEKKEN World Tour Finals 2017 last weekend, a variety of early gameplay clips have been uploaded to Youtube. Enjoy this roundup of the best Geese Howard gameplay videos thus far. Among the Geese videos are a movelist run-through, early customization options for Geese, and plenty of raw match footage as well. Once again, producer Harada stated that Geese Howard will arrive "soon". According to Gamespot, Geese will join the roster this Decemeber.

November 13th, 2017
Tekken 7 Noctis & Hammerhead Stage Screenshots, Geese Howard & Input Lag Reduction Coming Soon

Today, Bandai Namco released 10 TEKKEN 7 screenshots showing Final Fantasy XV's Noctis fighting on the new Hammerhead stage, along with Noctis's official TEKKEN 7 character render. As we reported yesterday, Katsuhiro Harada mentioned at the Tekken World Tour Finals 2017 that Geese Howard will be released "soon". Additionally, Namco plans to release an update which will reduce input lag in the console versions by the end of the year. An instant rematch option for online Player Match will also be added soon.

November 12th, 2017
Final Fantasy XV's Noctis is Tekken 7's Next DLC Guest Character

Tonight at the TEKKEN World Tour Finals 2017 in San Francisco, Bandai Namco dropped a reveal trailer for the next guest character for TEKKEN 7. The main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, Noctis Lucis Caelum, will be crossing his swords with the likes of Akuma, Geese Howard, and TEKKEN 7's roster in Spring 2018.

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