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  "Nature doesn't hurry, yet everything is accomplished."                                       "Lao Tzu." 

May 24th, 2020
Skullgirls Combo Breaker 2020 Update / Full Patch Notes

This weekend, Combo Breaker 2020 was originally planned to take place. Sadly, due to COVID-19, the celebration of fighting games and competitive event was canceled. However, there are some fighting game updates and announcements to talk about and keep the spirit of Combo Breaker alive. One of those is a hearty update for Skullgirls: 2nd Encore on PC. The Skullgirls update includes new animations, a new stage, rebuilt character artwork, 40 new character colors... 

May 24th, 2020
Capcom Re-Releases All 4 of Their Free-to-Play April Fools Games

Starting in 2017, Capcom began the tradition of releasing humorous free-to-play games to celebrate April Fools Day. Capcom packed impressive polish into these mobile mini-games (also playable on PC), which feature 100% unique soundtracks, character sprites, and even original artwork by Capcom legends like Shinkiro and Bengus. All 4 mini-games, mostly based on Street Fighter, contain plenty of funny references and fan service... and they're all playable once again! 

May 23rd, 2020
20 SNK Classics Coming to Twitch Prime, Including Samurai Shodown II, Garou: MOTW, AOF2 and KOF 2000/2002

SNK and Twitch have partnered to bring 20 classic titles to Twitch Prime beginning on May 26th, 2020. The first 7 games to join the Amazon Prime library are: Samurai Shodown II, Art of Fighting 2, Fatal Fury Special, KOF 2000, KOF 2002, Blazing Star, and Pulstar. The second lineup of games will arrive later this year, and include: Garou: MOTW, Last Blade 2, Metal Slug 2, Sengoku 3, and King of the Monsters. Many of these classics will feature online multiplayer.

May 21st, 2020
MK11: Aftermath RoboCop Versus The Terminator Gameplay

NetherRealm Studious has been shelling out the Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath trailers like there's no tomorrow. By far, Mortal Kombat has become the fighting game series with the most guest characters from classic movies joining the cast. Diehard 80's / 90's movie-goers can finally answer the question: "Who wins between RoboCop versus The Terminator?" Well, get your fix early with 2 new gameplay trailers from NRS, showing Alex Murphy versus T-800. 

May 18th, 2020
The Best Fighting Game Themed Creations for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Codes Included!)

In these stressful times, relaxing and immersive video games can have a positive effect on the mind. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of those games. The cute social simulation game has also proven to be a creative outlet for artists, with users creating "masterpieces" in their towns and on customizable items. For you fighting game peeps who also enjoy Animal Crossing, here are some awesome fighting game themed creations by the community. 

May 18th, 2020
Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Friendships Trailer

On May 26th, Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath will bring back "Friendships" for the entire roster... giving players a more peaceful and humorous way to end fights. Today, NetherRealm Studios posted a new trailer previewing even more hilarious Friendships. The new trailer shows Kitana & Mileena playing pattycake, Terminator doing motorcycle tricks, Jax playin' the sax, and more. 

May 15th, 2020
Guilty Gear -Strive- Delayed to 2021

Today, Arc System Works producer Takeshi Yamanaka announced that the release window for Guilty Gear -Strive- has been delayed to 2021. On Twitter, Yamanaka confirmed that the COVID-19 outbreak has delayed the team's development schedule in every aspect, forcing them to postpone the release to 2021. Yamanaka also mentioned the developers of GGstrive have set up a schedule to further improve the quality of the game, giving them time to respond to user feedback... 

May 14th, 2020
EVO 2020 Online Announcement Trailer, First Details

After being officially canceled due to COVID-19, EVO 2020 has pivoted to an online format which will span five weekends starting in the month of July 2020. The announce trailer confirms most of the original games lineup will appear, including: TEKKEN 7, SFV: Champion Edition, Dragon Ball FighterZ, SoulCalibur VI, Samurai Shodown, Granblue Fantasy Versus, and Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late[c-lr]. However, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been removed.

May 14th, 2020
Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath New Gameplay / Story Clip

NetherRealm Studios has more footage of Sheeva, Fujin & Robocop to share with a new Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath gameplay trailer. There's also a new 3-minute story mode clip to check out. The new gameplay trailer offers a closer look at the movesets of Sheeva, Fujin, and Robocop... showing a variety of combos for the 3 new DLC characters, along with Fatal Blows, Fatalities, and new Stage Fatalities (one involving an arcade cabinet). 

May 13th, 2020
The King of Fighters: All-Star x WWE Official Crossover Art

A collaboration that no one could've predicted... The King of Fighters: All-Star x WWE crossover is already making waves before the event's in-game launch tomorrow. In addition to the first gameplay footage of 6 WWE superstars playable in KOF: All-Star released yesterday, SNK and Netmarble shared some official artwork from the crossover, featuring: The Rock with Rock Howard, John Cena with Shingo Yabuki, and The Undertaker with Choi Bounge. 

May 13th, 2020
The Rock, John Cena & Seth Rollins Throw Down in KOF: All-Star

Following the debut gameplay of KOF: All-Star's WWE crossover event, which revealed Kofi Kingston, Becki Lynch, and The Undertaker in action; Netmarble posted short but sweet gameplay snippets of WWE legends: The Rock, John Cena, and Seth Rollins. As you might expect, all of the WWE Superstars retain their trademark attacks and finishers in Netmarble's beat-em-up mobile RPG. The KOF: All-Star x WWE crossover event officially begins on May 14th, 2020. 

May 12th, 2020
Kofi Kingston & Becki Lynch Confirmed for The King of Fighters: All-Star x WWE Crossover

WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston and Becki Lynch have been confirmed as playable characters in the upcoming KOF: All-Star x WWE crossover event. The first official trailer for KOF: All-Star X WWE released by Netmarble shows gameplay footage of Kofi Kingston, Becki Lynch, and The Undertaker. The crossover event officially kicks off this Thursday, May 14th, 2020. 

May 12th, 2020
Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath HD Screenshots

Following the reveal trailer last week, NetherRealm Studios shared some HD screenshots showing off some of the new content in Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath. The new screens provide a closer look at the new designs for returning series veterans, Sheeva and Fujin, along with upcoming DLC costumes for Sub-Zero and Frost. Guest character Robocop also appears in a few of the shiny new screenshots. 

May 7th, 2020
Iroha Joins Samurai Shodown May 13th, New Gameplay Trailer

This morning, SNK announced May 13th as the release date for Samurai Shodown (2019) Season 2 DLC character and Samurai Shodown VI veteran, Iroha. SNK's new gameplay trailer for Iroha shows the Japanese maid in action for the first time since her debut appearance in 2005's Samurai Shodown VI, wielding her two butterfly swords. 

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