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A football player, who joined Heavy D and Lucky in the Sports Team of KOF 94. Unfortunately, his football team was in the Superbowl 1995, so the team couldn't join then. And they never returned after that, except for their dream match appearance in 1998. An official artwork shows Seth, Vanessa and Ramon beating their team so it's possible that they simply didn't qualify for KOF 2000.

King of Fighters '94


King of Fighters '98, King of Fighters '98: UM


Page Updated:  June 1st, 2016

Even though I live in America, I don't give a shit about football... and don't care much for jocks, so Brian is a character I enjoy beating up on when I play old school KOF. ^_^ lol. Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about this design. Aside from my biased opinion on this one, Brian really doesn't have much going on in the visuals department. He usually looks pretty dumb by default, and his moves either lack creativity or don't make much sense... plus they're just ugly.

Does a generic Dallas Cowboys dude really belong in a fighting game? Not really. I'm glad SNK also realized this and seemingly canned this design... he's pretty much disappeared from the KOF universe except for being humorously stuck into a few backgrounds and endings here & there (where a design like this belongs). It seems like Brian was meant to be more of a joke design than anything else. If anything, he brings the LOLs. 

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