Capcom Fighting All-Stars

STORYThe shadow of fear was approaching Metro City. A man only known as DEATH, was running around Metro City with a bomb. The bomb was codenamed Laughter Sun. Mayor Mike Haggar contacted the characters listed above in order to locate and defeat DEATH and then defuse the bomb. Codes were needed to disarm the bomb, and that is where the Code Holders subtitle of the game comes into play. D.D. and his teammates, Rook and Ingrid, were the Code Holders. Their codes are Ogre, Fallen Angel, and Isis.

ABOUTCapcom Fighting All-Stars: Code Holder was a 3D fighting game planned for release in arcades and on Playstation 2. The game was designed to mix Capcom's trademark 2D fighting system with a 3D engine. Judging by some of the screenshots, this included a sidestepping technique. Capcom beta-tested the game, but after negative feedback from players the game was canceled in August 2003. This "project" eventually turned into Capcom Fighting Evolution.

Ryu said Sidestep that EWGF!!! Btw, D.D. stands for Doriya! Doriya!

The life system of All Stars was 3-tiered. If the player lost one tier, a break moment would occur and the fight would resume. The life system was also linked to the power bar, and for each tier lost, a character gained an additional level in their super combo gauge. Super moves were also handled in three tiers, each super costing one, two, or three levels to use.

While All Stars never saw an official release, the idea of Capcom's own characters in a crossover game would be instead used in Capcom Fighting Evolution, released in 2004. One of the original characters slated to debut in All-Stars, Ingrid, would later appear in Evolution and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max.

Early SF4-esk camera angles?


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Page Updated: April 25th, 2015
Developer(s): Capcom
Publisher(s): Capcom
Platform(s): Arcade, Playstation 2
Release Date(s): 2003   ( Limited Beta test - Cancelled August 2003)
Characters Ryu, Chun-Li, Batsu, Akira, Strider Hiryu, Haggar, Alex, Charlie, Poison, D.D., Ingrid, Rook, Death

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Overall Graphics  8 / 10
Art Direction  8.5 / 10


Final Words: First of all, the character art, character variety, and the fact that All-Stars was set in Metro City really got my hopes up back in 2003. Plus, this game was basically turning into a mash-up of Street Fighter, Final Fight and Rival Schools... (which happen to be 3 of my all time favorite Capcom franchises). It also had a gritty, "not-overly-colorful" look, which I also kinda liked at the time. Damn, CFAS really looked like it could've been a halfway entertaining fighting game for us Capcom fans (and 3D fighting game fans). 

Instead, we got Capcom Fighting Evolution..... which we all know didn't go over very well. Call me crazy, but I think All Stars may have turned out a bit better. Hey, it had to be better than Final Fight Revenge at least. 
~TFG Webmaster

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