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TFG Retrospective + Final Fight Developers Interview


Capcom's "Shadaloo Combat Research Institute" official website posted a new interview all about the iconic 2D beat-up-em title, Final Fight, featuring legendary Capcom developers: Akira Yasuda (Akiman), Akira Nishitani, SY, and Nissui. Originally considered a "sequel" to the Street Fighter 1 (with the early title of Street Fighter '89), Final Fight made a tremendous impact on not only the Street Fighter universe but video games as a whole. Capcom's new interview details the history development of the original Final Fight, along with some of the inspirations behind the storyline and characters. Scroll down to enjoy a wide variety of high quality and nostalgic Final Fight artwork, fun facts, and early development images!

  Original Final Fight arcade poster artwork (1989).


  Final Fight CD manual character artwork / profiles.


  Final Fight official artwork / Super Famicom cover art.


  The original and iconic Super Nintendo box artwork... ohh, how I loved this game.


cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-knee.png (176344 bytes)            cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-throw.png (251249 bytes)            cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-uppercut.png (188438 bytes)            cody-dyat.png (220519 bytes)
cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-gut-punch.png (259929 bytes)            cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-spin-kick.png (257072 bytes)           
guy-spinkick.png (139001 bytes)            cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-knifed.png (275041 bytes)
guy-finalfight-early-walking-animation-study.jpg (30460 bytes)            guy-finalfight-vintage-artwork-throw.png (246682 bytes)            guy-finalfight-vintage-artwork-jump-kick.png (278383 bytes)            guy-finalfight-vintage-artwork-flying-kick.png (136634 bytes)

  Final Fight / Final Fight 2 main character attacks & special move concept art. Also some concept art of Haggar's special moves from Saturday Night Slam Masters.

haggar-piledrived.png (155492 bytes)
            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-suplex.png (297450 bytes)            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-jump-attack.png (296677 bytes)            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-spinning-lariat.png (195336 bytes)
haggar-saturdaynightslammasters-moves.png (819677 bytes)            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-leadpipe.png (302969 bytes)            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-dropkick.png (135745 bytes)
maki-ff2concept.png (95830 bytes)            maki-finalfight2-vintage-artwork-knee.png (69460 bytes)            maki-finalfight2-vintage-artwork-wall-kick.png (168362 bytes)



■  Above, Final Fight Japanese manual artwork / character profiles.

■  Final Fight / Final Fight CD official character artwork.

cody-finalfight-artwork-color-fix.png (108076 bytes)            cody-ffcd.png (230832 bytes)            haggar-ffcd.png (163051 bytes)            haggar-finalfight-artwork-color-fix.png (206239 bytes)
guy-ffcd.png (145921 bytes)
            edi-cd-artwork.png (180427 bytes)            abigail-finalfightcd-artwork.png (211978 bytes)            hugo-original-ff.png (167913 bytes)
poison-finalfight.png (126308 bytes)            poison-roxy.png (116829 bytes)            poison-roxy-finalfight-early-concept-sketches.jpg (27069 bytes)            poison-cd-artwork.png (184937 bytes)
damnd-original-artwork.png (192362 bytes)            sodom-katana-final-fight-original-artwork.png (260672 bytes)            damnd-cd-artwork.png (262146 bytes)            sodom-cd.png (197371 bytes)
                        edi-artwork.png (268647 bytes)            belger-originalartwork.png (136963 bytes)

■  Final Fight / Final Fight CD official character artwork (continued).

rolento-finalfight2.png (242400 bytes)            rolento-ffcd.png (190821 bytes)            belger-finalfightbust.png (277837 bytes)            belger-finalfightcd-artwork.png (275245 bytes)
axl-finalfightcd-artwork.PNG (96508 bytes)            bred-finalfightcd-artwork.PNG (220909 bytes)            jake-finalfight-artwork.PNG (702971 bytes)            axl-finalfight-artwork.PNG (1007895 bytes)
bred-finalfight-artwork.PNG (224811 bytes)
            dug-finalfight-artwork.PNG (676264 bytes)            bill-bull-finalfight-artwork.PNG (310762 bytes)            graham-oriber-finalfight-artwork.PNG (241386 bytes)
elgado-finalfightart.png (173351 bytes)            abigail-finalfight-original-artwork.png (189498 bytes)            holly-wood-finalfight-artwork.PNG (732190 bytes)            simmons-finalfight-artwork.PNG (1212895 bytes)
j-finalfight-artwork.PNG (775913 bytes)
            two-p-finalfight-artwork.PNG (179207 bytes)            j-finalfightcd-artwork.PNG (295367 bytes)



■  Above, a page from Akiman's Final Fight design document. "At 85 pages, it's a whopper!"



  Final Fight Mega CD cover artwork.


  Final Fight One promotional art by Shinkiro


  Capcom USA Final Fight arcade marquee.


  The continue screen. "This high-pressure situation was really impactful at the time." (It definitely inspired me to put in some of my "final" tokens).


  Mighty Final Fight character artwork for Cody, Guy & Haggar.


 Frank's take on Final Fight.

Growing up in the 80's / early 90's as an arcade kid (and SNES owner)... I'll always have a special place in my heart for Final Fight, its characters, and the game's timeless soundtrack. Final Fight was the most aesthetically pleasing and technically revolutionary beat-em-up title in that era of gaming. It was so good, in fact, that it spawned countless wannabes that were essentially "repainted" Final Fight rip-offs... (yes, I'm looking at you Streets of Rage). The console-exclusive sequels to the original: Mighty Final Fight, Final Fight 2 and Final Fight 3 weren't too shabby either.


  Shinkiro Final Fight 1 throwback comic for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Back in the day... I remember how special and epic it was to see Final Fight veterans like Guy, Sodom, Rolento, Cody, Hugo Andore, Maki, and others make their big fighting game debuts into the Street Fighter universe (after many years of those characters not appearing in anything). It was first revealed in Street Fighter Alpha (1995) that Street Fighter and Final Fight share the same universe, making the world of Capcom seem much larger. There was so much love, care, and deep attention to detail when each Final Fight veteran was added to the Street Fighter roster.


  Major Mike Haggar story artwork from the cancelled Capcom Fighting All-Stars.

Especially for Capcom fans who played the hell out of the original Final Fight... seeing each character's moveset and appearance fleshed out and reimagined in various Street Fighter iterations was such a treat, and truly a heartfelt fan service, every single time. These early "crossovers" were some of Capcom's best fighting game ideas (and have aged incredibly well), if you ask me. Metro City vibes for life!

  Cody, Guy & Haggar illustration by Bengus.

  Zeku and Guy illustration by Richard Suwono.

In the early 2000's, on this very website... I made a statement on TFG Funnies, that, and I quote "if they released a Final Fight movie with Don Frye as the lead actor, life would be significantly better." Well. Life is funny sometimes. In June 2018, Game Basement Productions worked some magic. The Frye himself was cast as Mayor Mike Haggar in the fan film: "The Broken Gear: A Final Fight Film". Life is significantly better. Thank you Game Basement Productions for turning my childhood dreams into reality. Enjoy the full 30-minute martial arts flick below. (Please make PART 2 guys!)

You can read Capcom's developers interview from February 2019 HERE. Thanks for reading TFG's article. I'll update it from time to time. Stay right here on for more fighting game history and content in 2019!   ~TFG Webmaster

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