POSTED:  Sunday, February 10th, 2019           (Feb. 17th, 2020)

Final Fight Retrospective / Developer Interview


In 2019, Capcom's "Shadaloo Combat Research Institute" official website posted an interview revealing new information about the company's iconic 2D beat-em-up title and arcade smash hit, Final Fight. The article features commentary by legendary Capcom developers: Akira Yasuda (Akiman), Akira Nishitani, SY, and Nissui. Originally considered a "sequel" to the Street Fighter 1 (with the early title of Street Fighter '89), Final Fight made a tremendous impact on not only the Street Fighter universe, but video games as a whole. Below, learn new details the history development of the original Final Fight, along with some of the inspirations behind its storyline and characters...

Grab a cup a' cawfee (and/or a roast turkey) and continue scrolling to enjoy a variety of nostalgic and high-quality Final Fight artwork, early development images and additional fun facts!

  Original Final Fight arcade poster artwork (1989).


  Final Fight CD manual character artwork / profiles.


  Final Fight official artwork / Super Famicom cover art.


  The original and iconic Super Nintendo box artwork... ohh, how I loved this game.


cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-knee.png (176344 bytes)             cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-throw.png (251249 bytes)             cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-uppercut.png (188438 bytes)             cody-dyat.png (220519 bytes)
cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-gut-punch.png (259929 bytes)             cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-spin-kick.png (257072 bytes)            
guy-spinkick.png (139001 bytes)             cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-knifed.png (275041 bytes)
guy-finalfight-early-walking-animation-study.jpg (30460 bytes)             guy-finalfight-vintage-artwork-throw.png (246682 bytes)             guy-finalfight-vintage-artwork-jump-kick.png (278383 bytes)             guy-finalfight-vintage-artwork-flying-kick.png (136634 bytes)

  Final Fight & Final Fight 2 "character attacks & special move" concept artwork. A very similar type of concept artwork was also created for the Street Fighter II series. Below also includes artwork of Haggar's special moves from Saturday Night Slam Masters.

haggar-piledrived.png (155492 bytes)
            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-suplex.png (297450 bytes)            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-jump-attack.png (296677 bytes)            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-spinning-lariat.png (195336 bytes)
haggar-saturdaynightslammasters-moves.png (819677 bytes)            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-leadpipe.png (302969 bytes)            haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-dropkick.png (135745 bytes)
maki-ff2concept.png (95830 bytes)            maki-finalfight2-vintage-artwork-knee.png (69460 bytes)            maki-finalfight2-vintage-artwork-wall-kick.png (168362 bytes)


■  Above, Final Fight Japanese manual artwork / character profiles.

■  Final Fight / Final Fight CD official character artwork.


cody-finalfight-artwork-color-fix.png (108076 bytes)
             cody-ffcd.png (230832 bytes)             haggar-ffcd.png (163051 bytes)             haggar-finalfight-artwork-color-fix.png (206239 bytes)
guy-ffcd.png (145921 bytes)
             edi-cd-artwork.png (180427 bytes)             abigail-finalfightcd-artwork.png (211978 bytes)             hugo-original-ff.png (167913 bytes)
poison-finalfight.png (126308 bytes)             poison-roxy.png (116829 bytes)             poison-roxy-finalfight-early-concept-sketches.jpg (27069 bytes)             poison-cd-artwork.png (184937 bytes)
damnd-original-artwork.png (192362 bytes)             sodom-katana-final-fight-original-artwork.png (260672 bytes)             damnd-cd-artwork.png (262146 bytes)             sodom-cd.png (197371 bytes)
                          edi-artwork.png (268647 bytes)             belger-originalartwork.png (136963 bytes)

■  Final Fight / Final Fight CD official character artwork (continued).

rolento-finalfight2.png (242400 bytes)             rolento-ffcd.png (190821 bytes)             belger-finalfightbust.png (277837 bytes)             belger-finalfightcd-artwork.png (275245 bytes)
axl-finalfightcd-artwork.PNG (96508 bytes)             bred-finalfightcd-artwork.PNG (220909 bytes)             jake-finalfight-artwork.PNG (702971 bytes)             axl-finalfight-artwork.PNG (1007895 bytes)
bred-finalfight-artwork.PNG (224811 bytes)
             dug-finalfight-artwork.PNG (676264 bytes)             bill-bull-finalfight-artwork.PNG (310762 bytes)             graham-oriber-finalfight-artwork.PNG (241386 bytes)
elgado-finalfightart.png (173351 bytes)             abigail-finalfight-original-artwork.png (189498 bytes)             holly-wood-finalfight-artwork.PNG (732190 bytes)             simmons-finalfight-artwork.PNG (1212895 bytes)
j-finalfight-artwork.PNG (775913 bytes)
             two-p-finalfight-artwork.PNG (179207 bytes)             j-finalfightcd-artwork.PNG (295367 bytes)