Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter
REVIEWMarvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter is the sequel to the first ever Marvel/Capcom crossover 2D fighting game, X-Men Vs Street Fighter. At its core, MSH Vs Street Fighter isn't a whole lot different from the prequel, but it does offer a variety of new content. The game features an updated character roster, bringing in iconic heroes from Capcom's Marvel Super Heroes (1995) to duke it out with Street Fighter's famed warriors.

Gameplay system updates include several new moves for returning characters, new combos, and the Assist Attack mechanic, enabling partner characters to jump in during gameplay for a quick attack or special move - adding new strategy and combo possibilities to the fast-paced tag-team gameplay.

Never before seen match-ups!

The gameplay of Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter is fluid and fast, like the prequel. Character balance was improved this time around, with pesky infinite combos from X-Men VS Street Fighter being removed (but top players found some new ones, of course). The overall quality and presentation of Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter is in line with past installments, but stands out on its own with a unique art style and soundtrack (all brand new). The game also debuts a new announcer, who actually kinda steals the show with his enthusiasm and charisma. The game's announcer passionately yells out each character's full super move title during a super combo finish (see featured video). "Shinkuu-Tatsumaki-Senpuu-Kyaku!!!! ... "Hyper Stars & Stripes!!!!" ... "Crawler Assault!!!". I'm not sure any other fighting game announcer could ever come close to the hype of this guy.

Along with a catchy new character selection theme, characters were given all new BGMs. Many of them have a sort of "jazzy" tone to them, but they're definitely catchy and manage to suit the pace of the game quite well. Just like in X-Men Vs Street Fighter, after one character is KO'ed, their partner's theme song kicks in right as they jump into the fight! ...Still a cool effect. The hand-drawn backgrounds from the prequel have returned, but were tweaked visually with new lighting effects, coloring, and background details. The artists even fit in some cool character cameos from both Capcom and Marvel. Overall, Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter looks, sounds, and plays differently enough from X-Men VS Street Fighter to make it feel like a completely new game.

Enter the assist attack!

Who wouldn't want to team up Ryu & Spider-Man and duke it out with Zangief & Hulk? This game was the first time these dream match-ups happened. With MSH Vs Street Fighter, Capcom was taking major strides in their crossover legacy. While the addition of Marvel's most popular icons is one of the best parts of the game, one of the biggest flaws of the game is the removal of characters from past installments... on both the Capcom and Marvel sides. Sadly, most of the crew from X-Men VS Street Fighter have gone missing, and if you mained any of these characters, you were probably somewhat disappointed with MSH Vs SF. While any fan of the first crossover would've enjoyed seeing ALL previous characters return to the roster (including those from X-Men: Children of the Atom), at least this installment set some things up for future installments... as it left fans wanting more. 

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Page Updated: February 5th, 2019
Developer(s): Capcom
Publisher(s): Capcom
Artwork by: Bengus (CRMK)
Platform(s): Arcade, Playstation, Sega Saturn ()
Release Date(s): June 25th, 1997    (Arcade)
Oct. 22nd, 1998
     ( Saturn)
Jan. 31st, 1999
       ( PS1)
Feb. 25th, 1999
      ( PS1)
Characters Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, Dhalsim, Akuma, Dan, Sakura, Bison, Cyclops, Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Hulk, Shuma Gorath, Blackheart, Omega Red, Shadow, Apocalypse, Cyber Akuma, Mephisto, Norimaro ( / console)

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Gameplay Engine  8.5 / 10
Story / Theme  9.0 / 10
Overall Graphics  9.0 / 10
Animation  9.0 / 10
Music / Sound Effects  9.0 / 10
Innovation  8.5 / 10
Art Direction  9.5 / 10
Customization  8.0 / 10
Options / Extras  8.0 / 10
Intro / Presentation  9.0 / 10
Replayability / Fun  8.0 / 10
"Ouch" Factor  8.5 / 10
Characters  8.0 / 10

 8.7 / 10

 Review based on Arcade version    


Final Words: I enjoyed Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter almost as much as X-Men VS Street Fighter. At first, the game seemed like a lazy rehash, but I learned to appreciate the small differences that made it an entertaining sequel and fun game to play on its own. The character roster, music, announcer, and gameplay are all particularly memorable. I had some good times with MSH VS SF.

Of course, Capcom wasn't done with this epic crossover.... Just a few years later, MSH Vs Street Fighter was succeeded by Marvel Vs Capcom and, one of the biggest competitive smash hits of all time, Marvel Vs Capcom 2. The latter brought back nearly every character in the series history. In retrospect, we didn't know how good Capcom could make this crossover back in 1997-1998... but Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter was an important stepping stone that made amazing games like MVC2 and MVC3 possible.
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