Fatal Fury Special

STORYGeese Howard: a man feared by the world as the dark ruler of South Town. He shocked the land with his violent techniques and was confident that no one could ever top him. To rid himself of the man, Geese took the life the street champ, Jeff Bogard. However, several years later, three men arose to stop Geese's ambition. They were the sons of the dead Jeff, Terry and Andy Bogard, and Muay Thai champ, Joe Higashi. After Geese was defeated by them, he was believed to be dead. However, as time passed, a disturbing rumor began to float around the world. Geese is alive...

His elder half-brother, Wolfgang Krauser, took the reigns of the underworld after his younger brother's passing. However, the resurrected Geese deprives Krauser his seat of glory and the Bogard brothers burn with the flames of revenge. Terry and Andy hear where Geese is located."We're coming for you, Geese!"
A new legend is about to begin.

Impressive roster!

REVIEWNo, Fatal Fury "Special" isn't retarded, it's just a more complete version of Fatal Fury 2... (cheap joke, sorry). Basically, this upgrade to Fatal Fury 2 allows you to play as the boss characters and marks the return of several classic fighters who were sadly missing from the prequel.

Meet Mai Shiranui Mr. Duck King!

Fatal Fury Special
brings back some of the original Fatal Fury characters like Duck King, Tung Fu Rue, and the mighty Geese Howard. Ryo Sakazaki from the Art Of Fighting series also makes an epic special appearance as a bonus character!

Doesn't get much more epic than Mt. Rushmore.

The mechanics remain practically unchanged from Fatal Fury 2, with the exception of faster gameplay and a tweaked/improved combo system. Graphically the game was enhanced in some areas... most notably the updated character selection screen and a few brand new stages, which looked halfway decent for the time.

Page Updated: July 8th, 2015
Developer(s): SNK (NeoGeo),  Takara (SNES/Sega CD/Game Gear)
Publisher(s): SNK
Platform(s): Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, Super Nintendo, Game Gear, Sega CD, Wii Virtual Console, Xbox 360 (XBLA)
Release Date(s): Sept. 16, 1993          (Arcade)
Nov. 4th, 2009
         ( Wii VC)
Mar. 1st, 2010
         ( Wii VC)
Mar. 26th, 2010
      ( Wii VC)
Characters Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Big Bear, Jubei Yamada, Cheng Sinzan, Kim Kap Hwan, Mai Shiranui, Duck King, Tung Fu Rue, Billy Kane, Axel Hawk, Laurence Blood, Wolfgang Krauser, Geese Howard, Ryo Sakazaki

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Gameplay Engine

 6.5 / 10

Story / Theme

 6.5 / 10

Overall Graphics

 7.0 / 10


 6.5 / 10

Music / Sound Effects

 6.0 / 10


 6.5 / 10

Art Direction

 6.5 / 10


 5.0 / 10

Intro / Presentation

 6.0 / 10

Replayability / Fun

 6.0 / 10

"Ouch" Factor

 6.0 / 10


 6.5 / 10


 6.5 / 10

 Review based on Arcade version


Final Words: SNK took a page out of Capcom's book and dished out an enhanced version of Fatal Fury 2. It was much better competition for Capcom's Street Fighter 2 than the original Fatal Fury 2, and offered some decent variety in the 2D fighting game world at the time. Even so, Fatal Fury Special clearly wasn't at the top of the 2D fighting game ladder.  ~TFG Webmaster

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