Sengoku Basara X


Sengoku Basara X (cross) is a 2D fighting game developed collaboratively by Arc System Works & Capcom; based off of the series of the same name. Fans of the Basara series will find a ton of fan service, from the dialogue & character mannerisms to backgrounds & music. The game looks and plays very similar to the likes of Guilty Gear X and Hokuto No Ken

Could the colors of that guy's outfit possibly be more tacky?

Sengoku Basara X features 10 playable characters inspired by Japan's feudal era and a "Reinforcement" or assist system. Each fighter has a special "engun" character that can be called in for an assist technique during gameplay. Each assist character can perform 3 different types of assist moves, each depending on the main fighter's current situation. There's a default assist attack, a counter assist attack (occurring when the main player receives damage), and a special attack (occurring while the main character is doing a special move). The Japanese-only PS2 version features two additional characters over the arcade version.

Uhhh, dude... I think it might be a good time to duck.


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Page Updated: November 25th, 2014
Developer(s): Arc System Works
Publisher(s): Capcom
Platform(s): Arcade, Playstation 2
Release Date(s): Q4 2007                    ( Arcade)
June 26th, 2008
     ( PS2)
Characters Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura, Maeda Keiji, Chousokabe Motochika, Mouri Motonari, Uesugi Kenshin, Oichi, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Honda Tadakatsu

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Gameplay Engine  
Story / Theme  
Overall Graphics  8.0 / 10
Animation  8.0 / 10
Music / Sound Effects  
Art Direction 8.5 / 10 
Options / Extras   
Intro / Presentation   
Replayability / Fun   
"Ouch" Factor   





Final Words:

Yet another PS2 import fighting game that I've yet to get my hands on. As a fan of the Samurai Shodown series (and a fan of samurai in general), I'd definitely like to get a chance to review this game eventually. I don't know much about the Sengoku Basara series but I've seen some of the anime... not too bad.  ~TFG Webmaster

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