Soul Calibur 6

[UPDATED!]  A prequel, Soul Calibur VI is a welcomed "reboot" of sorts... aiming to bring back old school players from the glorious arcade days and attract new players with enticing new visuals and mechanics. The timeline of Soul Calibur VI is set somewhere between the events of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur 2, presenting a nostalgic roster of fan-favorites along with some new faces. With two unique story modes, SC6 will retell the tale of souls and swords unlike ever before.

Like TEKKEN 7, Soul Calibur 6 runs on Unreal Engine 4 to provide the best visuals to date for the series. With Motohiro Okubo as the new producer (who also worked on TEKKEN 7), the gameplay engine is in good hands. Bandai Namco aims to recreate the "fast gameplay responsiveness" of the pinnacle of the series, Soul Calibur 2, while balancing and blending the best current-gen mechanics from recent titles. The TEKKEN team lent Project Soul their revolutionary "slow motion" camera effects, so Project Soul will use the technology in their own unique way with cinematic gameplay sequences (during the new Reversal Edge mechanic).


 Soul Calibur VI's character selection screen as of June 2018.

Soul Calibur VI introduces a major new defensive gameplay system called Reversal Edge. This technique gives the player an opportunity to read an opponents' attack and land a powerful counter. Worry not, old school players... High Guard Impacts are still available and will no longer cost meter like in SCV. However, Reversal Edge will guard against both high and low attacks, and can prove useful for both beginner and high-level players. If Reversal Edge connects, it will initiate a rock/paper/scissors slow-motion sequence. All characters have uniquely different options during this cinematic sequence, including movement options, making it more complex than a simple "rock/paper/scissors" guessing game. The Reversal Edge sequence can end with a successful hit, evade, or sidestep.

*Note: Bandai Namco mentioned that Reversal Edge is designed to give beginner/intermediate players a "chance" against higher-level players. In beginner-level gameplay, the Reversal Edge cinematic will likely be seen quite often. (This is because beginner players usually don't sidestep often enough.) It's important to note that Reversal Edge attacks are very linear and easily steppable - so it's not a mechanic that can be repeatedly used and remain effective. Higher level players will also find Reversal Edge to be a useful tool in gameplay - but in more advanced ways. Aesthetically, all characters will have unique blocking animations when defending using Reversal Edge.

Soul Charge will also return in SC6, but will function differently from past games. The SC6 Soul Charge is a temporary power-up. Upon initiation, it will push away the opponent with a shockwave and immediately unlock unique moves and abilities for each fighter. Characters such as Kilik, Grh, and Azwel will get a dramatic visual overhaul when their Soul Charge is activated. Characters will also have access to their Critical Edge super move which deals great damage. Critical Edges have unique cinematic effects if a round is won with the technique. Last but not least, Lethal Hit is a special effect which destroys the opponent's equipment parts when fulfilling set conditions of a move. Armor Breaks from SC4 and SC5 will also return and will visually alter characters during gameplay.

 SC6's Character Creation Mode looks ambitious and fun... online should be fun!

Soul Calibur VI's Chronicle of Souls story mode, based on the struggle for the two swords, features dynamic fights enhanced by cinematic-styled combat. Each character who appears in Story Mode will have their own unique track and role in the storyline. Story mode will blend 3D cinematics with beautiful hand-drawn 2D illustrations by legendary fighting game artist, Hiroaki. 

Described as a "second" story mode... Libra of Soul mode lets players create their own warrior who will appear in a special cinematic storyline alongside the Soul Calibur veterans.
In this game mode, players will be able to create their own custom fighter from scratch before roaming the world in a quest to stop a new evil mastermind at work to gather Soul Edge shards. Along the way, players will come up against both characters from across the main storyline, and warriors created by the community, fighting in a variety of rule-specific showdowns which shape their own path. Libra of Soul will take certain inspirations from past Soul Calibur story modes such as Weapon Master and Chronicle of the Sword.

Fans of single-player content in fighting games will be happy to know that Soul Calibur 6 will have a full-fledged Character Creation mode. Players
will be able to customize their unique characters through thousands of different combinations, choosing from 16 races, including human, lizard or even living skeleton, before customizing the size, facial features, hairstyle, clothes, armor and, of course, weapons and fighting style!


 Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series joins Soul Calibur!

While Soul Calibur VI will have a solid amount of single-player content... the title is being designed as a competitive fighting game, first and foremost. Project Soul stated on numerous occasions that they want to make a game that competitive players will love to play. Of course, online mode will be a priority, and we'll have more details about online mode soon.

Alongside the return of old school, tried-and-true mechanics like 8-Way-Run, Ring Outs, and Wall Combos... veteran Soul Calibur players will also be happy to know that returning characters will get many of their classic moves, stance transitions, and cancels back from some of the older games. Additionally, "While Landing" attacks, an offensive option in SC2 & SC3 (later removed in SC4 & SC5) will also return in Soul Calibur 6, offering unique jump attacks and mix-up options for each fighter. The Just Guard defensive system from SC5 is also said to return in SC6, although details on this system are not yet known.


Kid-surugi? The Soul Calibur veterans return as their younger selves.

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Page Updated: September 18th, 2018
Developer(s): Bandai Namco (Project Soul)
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco
Designer(s): Motohiro Okubo      (Producer)
Artwork by: Takuji Kawano         (Character Art)
Hiroaki                         (Story Art)
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Release Date(s): October 19th, 2018
Characters: Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Nightmare, Kilik, Xianghua, Grh, Ivy, Zasalamel, Siegfried, Taki, Yoshimitsu, Maxi, Talim, Voldo, Astaroth, Seong Mi-Na, Tira, Cervantes, Raphael, Geralt of Rivia, Azwel

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First Impression:

I'm ecstatic that one of my all-time favorite fighting game franchises is finally back in the limelight. One of my most enjoyable EVO 2018 moments was actually watching the Soul Calibur VI exhibition... and the game wasn't even out yet! I really hope SC6 catches on and stays as a major competitive title for many years to come, because it's damn fun to watch!

After playing some casual matches in an early build of SC6, I think the game feels great... feels fast... and I can tell there's a lot to learn. I can tell the game will be much more fun once you memorize your character's moveset and start carving out your playstyle. Combo options seem complex and dynamic... and they look awesome too. I'm ecstatic about the return of SC2-esk movement speed, effective sidestepping, hard-hitting new animations, and the return of some great classic moves, cancels, and transitions. The sidestepping speed in particular really looks like Soul Calibur 2 (Best Calibur 2). 

SC6 being a prequel / reboot is an intriguing direction for the game, and I'm excited to see where they go with it. Project Soul has every opportunity to recreate the brilliance of the series veterans, potentially offering their best appearances to date. So far, their movesets are looking amazing and as complex as I would hope! I hope Project Soul delivers with story mode, because Soul Calibur characters definitely deserve to be seen in a new light.

Guest characters? With Geese Howard now a TEKKEN character... anything's possible. Geralt is a solid choice... but I don't think he'll be the only guest. Last year, Harada said he'd love to work on a new Samurai Shodown. I know Harada isn't working on SC6, but c'mon Bandai Namco... how about some Shodown guest characters in SC6! It would fit perfectly with the timeline, too. (My choices would be Genjuro and Basara - but pretty much anyone would fit perfectly.) Also bring in Cloud Strife from FF7 Remake and a Bloodborne Hunter as additional guest characters... and we're set.

Did I mention I can't wait to play this game? Seriously... I've been waiting a long time for a new Soul Calibur. I grew to love SC4 and SC5, overlooking their shortcomings, but SC6 has potential to be one of the best of the series. Expect TFG match videos and a full review coming in 2018! 
~TFG Webmaster

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