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Amy Sorel

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During the events of Soul Calibur 2, Amy was a poor orphan who lived on the streets of Rouen. Her parents died of a plague that had spread across all of Europe during this time period. She had no other family to go to after the lost of her parents. One day she came across a man named Raphael, who was being chased by the local authorities. She hid Raphael from the soldiers who were pursuing him; she hid him only through spite to the soldiers, who ran her poverty stricken town. As Raphael had never owed his life to anyone before, he felt he must protect and repay her. He felt something he never had before for Amy, so took her in to his home and looked after her as his own daughter, to repay her for the kindness she had shown to him.

Raphael returned from a vicious battle with the wielder of Soul Edge, Nightmare. Raphael collapsed before Amy's eyes and she nursed him back to consciousness. When he came round he told her that through the battle he had become infected by the evil seed, and by handling his blood, she was also now infected. Amy had always found it hard to open her heart to the world, but now she couldn't even try because she was too different from everyone else. She was no longer human. She went with Raphael to the castle he bought in Romania. She sat in a dim room seeing the torches and troops gathering there. Raphael left, saying he will be out for a while. He took care of the troops and the noises ceased. But eventually they returned, but he didn't. he left her. And now the noises and light spread violently in the world he made, bringing it to ruins. She stood up and went to the exit. She bitten the words from those days and smiled. For she must protect this world that he made.

Before the events of Soul Calibur 3,
Raphael had left Amy and their castle home behind. She knew he had done it for her sake, because he wanted her to be happy more than anything else in the world. She understood, nevertheless she was restless without him. Amy recalled the days before they arrived in these lands, when they had lived in the west. And she remembered the day he had returned from a long journey. He had collapsed on the floor at once, having incurred deep wounds. Far from ordinary wounds, these were infected and gave off a strange stench. After several days they showed no signs of healing. When she tried to clean the wounds, the viscous fluid that stuck to her skin was the wrong color: a baleful shade close to black.

By the time he began to recover, the aberrations had spread over his whole body, as well as to the girl who had nursed him. The shadows that had seeped out of the darkness had stained them the same color. This was the power of Soul Edge, a phenomenon called "malfestation". Amy understood that the two of them had stepped beyond the boundaries of humanity. "Be a good girl. I'll be back in a while."

Those were the last words to her, but Amy had to ponder them for a moment. Even the most dutiful fledgling takes flight when the longing for its parents grows too strong.(The cursed sword, Soul Edge. Did he leave in order to find it again?) A single butterfly was being tossed about on the cold night winds like a lonely star drifting far from heaven; like a soul freed from all its burdens. Silently, with all her feelings tucked away where none could read them, Amy pushed open the door.
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Soul Calibur 3

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Soul Calibur 3: Arcade Edition, Soul Calibur 4, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords

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Page Updated:  Sept. 12th, 2014

Another rapier user for the Soul Calibur series? I guess that's cool... Her style is different enough from Rafael's to make her an original character on the roster, but overall, her style isn't quite as fleshed out as Raphael's.

It's pretty interesting how Amy is seen in the Soul Calibur 2 intro, but her character didn't develop until SC3, where she became a playable character. Her design developed nicely from SC3 to SC4, and her gothic outfits are hot. However, her fighting style (even in SC4) could've been fleshed out just a bit more, in my opinion. 

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