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Ed Confirmed for Street Fighter V, Gameplay Reveal Trailer, Screens & V-Trigger Details


Capcom has officially revealed Ed, the next DLC character in Street Fighter V. As you may know, Ed previously appeared in Rose's SF4 story and Balrog's Super SF4 ending. Due to the experiments, Ed's body aged faster than normal humans (he appeared as just a kid in SF4's story). Since Balrog raised Ed, his fighting is centered around boxing, but he carries M. Bison's genes and his fighting style is enhanced by Psycho Power. Below, check out Ed's reveal trailer, screenshots & V-Trigger details.

Capcom confirmed that Ed and all previously released characters will be playable in the upcoming "Capcom Fighters Network Beta 2" on PS4 and PC (May 11-14). What makes Ed especially unique is how players perform his special moves. His special moves have simple inputs; they only require simultaneous button presses, repeatedly pressing a button, or holding down a button. Only Ed's Critical Art is done by inputting a traditional motion.

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From Capcom Unity:  "At a young age, Ed was kidnapped and experimented on by S.I.N., a division of Shadaloo, in order to become a replacement body for M. Bison. Many of you might remember a young Ed appearing in Rose's Street Fighter IV story and Balrog's story in Super Street Fighter IV.

Due to the experiments, Ed's body ages faster than normal humans until they are old enough to be suited for battle. Since Balrog raised Ed, his fighting is centered on boxing but since he carries M. Bison's genes, his fighting style is enhanced by Psycho Power. Night after night he is troubled by Bison's ghost, and struggles desperately to prevent M. Bison from possessing his body. Be sure to check out his character story to find out more!"

V-Skill: Psycho Snatcher - Ed releases Psycho Power from his palm, pulling himself or opponents depending on how long he charges it up.

V-Trigger: Psycho Cannon - With a full V-meter, Ed releases an enormous amount of Psycho Power. He can follow alongside it, allowing him to pepper in shots when it connects with the opponent.

Critical Art: Psycho Barrage - Ed lunges forward with a series of punches. If at any point he connects, he'll continue weaving around the opponent, slipping in quick combinations of Psycho-punches ending with a powerful uppercut.

You can also take a look at Ed's Movelist from Capcom's official website.

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Capcom Unity said they will announce Ed's release date and provide more details soon. Stay tuned on FightersGeneration.com for continued coverage of Street Fighter V Season 2.

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