Sunday, November 26th, 2023

The Fighters Generation Shop Grand Re-Opening!


I'm happy to announce that after a 3-year hiatus, The Fighters Generation Online Shop has officially returned and is now LIVE! Now on Shopify, the new-and-improved TFG Shop is stocked with official Fighting Game figures, statues, books, peripherals, and other RARE collectibles. With new and improved features, quick check-out, worldwide shipping, and browsable "Collections" based on fighting game / series, it's easier than ever to leisurely explore the shop or find exactly what you're looking for. All items for sale have detailed descriptions, history, and new photos taken... with many more items to be added in the future! Just in time for Cyber Monday, use the code "CYBERAKUMA23" for 10% off your order.

  Store link:
Our Cyber Monday 2023 discount code is good for the rest of the month and ends on November 30th, so take advantage of this discount to celebrate our re-launch with us! Also note that orders over $60.00 will have FREE shipping. Additional TFG Shop discount codes will be made available through TFG's Patreon, Discord, and X in the future... so consider joining us on social media if you haven't done so!  
Check back in the TFG Shop frequently because more inventory and soon-to-be-revealed exclusive items will be added in the near future. A very special thanks to my friend William Fong (JET3000) for creating the TEKKEN 8-inspired Kazuya artwork (above) to promote our Grand Re-Opening. Thanks for reading and thanks
for visiting The Fighters Generation.
~TFG Webmaster, Frank Joseph | @Fighters Gen


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