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Hailing from Kerala, India, Dhalsim is a master of a mysterious "Yoga" fighting style. Dhalsim his Yoga powers to fight for money to help the poor. He is a stoic, humble, and self-disciplined individual, but can also be serious and stern when the time calls for it.

During the events of Street Fighter Alpha 2, Dhalsim questions what good could come from his damaging powers, his wife Sally assured him that he was doing the right thing. Dhalsim raised enough money to get his village medicine, food, and shelter. He was eventually targeted by Shadaloo, but managed to convince the assassin Cammy that her ways were wrong. After he competed in the second World Warrior tournament, he vowed to leave the fighting world and live peacefully with Sally and his son Datta.
Later in Street Fighter Alpha 3, he sets out to destroy the evil M. Bison. He travels around the world and meets Rose and Birdie, and uses his mind control powers to get his answers. He is responsible for making Cammy White self-aware, thus freeing her from Bison's control. After the SFA timeline, Dhalsim enters the second World Warrior tournament to raise money for his village, but realizes that it contradicts his pacifist beliefs. Dhalsim retires from fighting after Street Fighter 2, and continues to roam the world helping those in need.

Dhalsim eventually returns to fight S.I.N. after they built a dam upstream close to his village. Datta, is a pen pal of Guile's daughter, Amy. When Datta informs Dhalsim that his pen pal's father is away on a mission, Dhalsim recognizes that the situation is even more serious than he thought if Guile is investigating it. He is reluctant to use his powers for self-serving purposes, but feels compelled to save his village. He decides to participate in the tournament S.I.N. was organizing. When the dam base is destroyed at the end of the game, the water returns to the village. Although Dhalsim believes that Shadaloo represents an evil in the heart of humanity that will never truly be defeated, he also recognizes that "the goodness in mankind's heart" is also endless.
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Street Fighter 2

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Page Updated:  June 7th, 2024

A Street Fighter original, Dhalsim is one of the reasons why SF2 was such a successful game. Not only was he very different from the rest of the original cast in terms of design, but he was the originator of the keep-away/zoning strategy of fighting games, a play style which appealed to certain players. He was nicely developed and fleshed out as a design in the SFA series, looking noticeably cooler than his first few appearances, and made some pretty cool appearances and crossovers throughout the years.

His SF4 rendition was well done for the most part, even though he looks slightly strange in the game. He is a weird-looking character after all, but that's what makes him 100% original. Those stretchy limbs and that teleporting can be annoying sometimes, but you gotta respect the Dhalsim. His SFV incarnation gives him a much-needed redesign... and I'm not even a huge fan of Dhalsim, but I'll say he looks cool in SFV.

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