POSTED:  Sunday, December 10th, 2017        (Dec. 11th, 2017)

SFV: Arcade Edition Season 3 Characters Announced, Sakura Reveal Trailer, Cinematic Opening


At Capcom Cup 2017, Capcom made some huge announcements for the future of Street Fighter V. Sakura, Blanka, Cody and Sagat are all confirmed for Season 3 as returning characters. They will be joined by two newcomers: Falke and "G". There are two new SFV trailers to check out: Sakura's reveal trailer and the cinematic opening for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.


Sakura will be available when SFV: Arcade Edition launches on January 16th, 2018. [UPDATE] Official screenshots, character art & Sakura's alt. costumes added below.


sakura-sfvae-screenshot.jpg (666753 bytes)    sakura-sfvae-screenshot2.jpg (483251 bytes)    sakura-sfvae-screenshot5.jpg (649784 bytes)    sakura-sfvae-screenshot6.jpg (697819 bytes)    sakura-sfvae-screenshot7.jpg (530992 bytes)



Stay tuned on FightersGeneration.com for full coverage of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. TFG's full preview profile will be online soon!

Source:  Yoshinori Ono (Twitter)
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