Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Street Fighter V PC Mod Makes Graphics Look Like Pencil Sketches


We don't regularly post "news" about the latest PC mods for fighting games... but some are just too good not to report. A modder known as "Nded" created a graphics mod for Street Fighter V and MVC: Infinite that makes the visuals look like something out of a sketchbook. While not yet perfect (as some special move effects aren't visible), the sketchy graphics filter's sharp lines create a catchy and striking visual aesthetic. It even makes me wonder if a future fighting game could incorporate this unique visual style into the default graphics.


If you're interested in trying to get these shaders to work with your PC copy of MVC: Infinite or SFV, you can read the instructions in the description of the MVCI video.

Sources:  ShoryukenKotakunded
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