March 28th, 2015
MKX Erron Black Trailer, Kombat Kast Shows Shinnok & Liu Kang Gameplay / X-ray Moves

NetherRealm Studios revealed the latest MKX character trailer today, which stars the gunslinger Erron Black. In the trailer, we get a look at Erron Black shooting guns... throwing some kind of grenades... and shooting more guns. The latest episode of the official Kombat Kast also went live today. Highlights of the podcast include gameplay footage of Shinnok and Liu Kang.

March 27th, 2015
Killer Instinct Hisako Official Trailer, Cinder Teaser

Today, the naginata-wielding ghost girl known as Hisako will grace Killer Instinct with her haunting presence. The official trailer from Iron Galaxy introduces Hisako's origin and offers another look at some of her in-game abilities. Following suit with past official trailers, the end of the trailer also teases the next Killer Instinct combatant... this time it's a returning fan-favorite who went missing in KI2, Cinder! 

March 26th, 2015
Mortal Kombat X Shaolin Trailer Reveals Liu Kang

This afternoon, NetherRealm Studios released the latest story / gameplay trailer for Mortal Kombat X. As you might expect, Raiden, Kung Lao, and Liu Kang make an appearance in the trailer (and yes, Liu Kang is officially confirmed playable). Liu Kang is a bit different than you might remember him, being risen from the dead by Shinnok and all. Newcomer Kung Jin also appears in the trailer, showing off his archery skills. Bo Rai Cho also makes a cameo in the story mode.

March 26th, 2015
PS4 2.50 System Update is Live! 60fps Remote Play & Share Play, USB Support, Delete 0% Trophies, Etc.

PS4's highly anticipated 2.50 system update (codename: "Yukimura") is now live, and it's packed with great stuff that matters to fighting game players. 60 frames per second is especially important when it comes to fighting games, and now Share Play & Remote Play on Vita supports beautifully smooth 60fps (with improved visual quality to boot)! New external USB support is also very handy for content & video creators. There's a lot more to the update, too! Visit Playstation.Blog to see all of the new PS4 features.

March 26th, 2015
Jin Kazama Discovered as Secret TEKKEN 7 Sub Boss

It's been exactly 1 week since Jin Kazama, Devil Jin and a couple of other new characters in TEKKEN 7 were leaked. Early this morning, a player from Japan (Masakarijin) discovered Jin Kazama as a CPU-controlled sub boss while doing an arcade run in TEKKEN 7. He took some snapshots of Jin as the sub boss (taking the place of Heihachi in Arcade Mode). 

March 24th, 2015
DOA5: Last Round Senran Kagura Costumes Trailer

Koei Tecmo released a new trailer and some promotional images for the new Senran Kagura DLC costume pack, which features new "destructible" outfits for 16 DOA girls. The Senran Kagura costume DLC is now available for purchase on PS4, PS3, XB1 & Xbox 360 in Japan. The Western release for this costume DLC is planned for sometime this month.

March 24th, 2015
ATP Live With TEKKEN 7 Podcast Interview With Producer Harada & Michael Murray

TEKKEN 7 made its North American debut at Final Round 18 this past weekend. AvoidingThePuddle just posted a 1-hour podcast featuring commentary by not only TEKKEN community leaders Aris, Reepal, & Markman, but also producer Katsuhiro Harada and developer Michael Murray. In the interview, Aris asks Harada some really good questions regarding T7, covering topics such as the recent character leaks, time release schedule, the controversial Lucky Chloe reveal, and more!

March 22nd, 2015
PSN Flash Sale Offering Games For Under $1.00

Looking for some new/old games to play this weekend? PSN's current Flash Sale is practically giving games away at "under $1". Some of the great games featured in the sale include: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, TEKKEN 2, Mega Man X4/X5, Breath of Fire 4, Katamari Damacy, Breath of Fire IV, and Wild Arms 1/2, along many other classics and indies. Check out the full list of games for under $1 over at Playstation.Blog. This PSN Flash Sale is live until Monday (3-23) at 11am. 

March 21st, 2015
TEKKEN 7 Character Color Edit Preview & Rank Titles

While TEKKEN 6's customization mode offered better options than Tekken Tag 2's in some areas, TTT2's color editing options were definitely far superior to the prequel's. TEKKEN 7's will take color editing a step further with even more options than TTT2's, as shown by the first images of the arcade version's edit mode.

March 20th, 2015
Tremor & Tanya Included in MKX Kombat Pack, Jax & Liu Kang Also Confirmed Playable

The MKX news continues to roll in this weekend, as we now have confirmation that Tremor and Tanya will join Predator and Jason Vorhees as part of the MKX Kombat Pack. A sort of "teaser" reveal trailer was also released for these 4 kombatants. In addition, both Liu Kang and Jax were mentioned in upcoming costume packs (Klassic Packs 1 & 2), which officially confirms them as playable.

March 20th, 2015
MKX News Roundup: Samurai Costumes, Kold War Scorpion, Quitalities, And... Predator Confirmed.

NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat X stream unveiled quite a few new things today. To start, the Samurai Costume Pack will be part of the Premium Edition bundle (which costs $80.99) and includes costumes for Kitana, Quan Chi & Kenshi. The fan-created "Kold War Scorpion" costume will also appear in the game, new "Quitalities" will punish rage quitters online, and... ohh yeah... Predator has been confirmed playable via a leak on the Xbox Store.

March 19th, 2015
TEKKEN 7 Character Data Leaked, Jin Kazama, Devil Jin & New Fighters Revealed!

Two days after the full launch of TEKKEN 7 in Asia, some wily fans over in Korea have managed to access some new character data (possibly via and, of course, leak the images online. For starters, it looks like Jin Kazama and Devil Jin are planned for the game. In addition, a new female character (possibly Filipino) and a rather "beastly" creature are also shown.

March 18th, 2015
PC Version of DOA5: Last Round is Missing Features, Up To 3 Months Delay For Online

PC fighting game ports these days are far and few between, and they're usually delayed by months (or even years). A lot of PC ports also seem to come with problems not found in the console versions or they're missing features, as is the case with DOA5: Last Round. According to the specs on Team Ninja's website, DOA5: Last Round on PC will be without the Soft Engine, PS4/XB1 "effects", the 2 new stages found in the PS4/XB1 versions, and up to a 3 month delay for netplay.

March 17th, 2015
TEKKEN 7 Officially Launches in Arcades, New Screenshots, Photos, News & Video Roundup

Tonight, TEKKEN 7 has officially launched in arcades all over Asia! One important thing the "full launch" adds is Local VS Mode (pre-launch was online play only to test the arcade cab's netcode). While no new characters have yet been seen outside of the 20 currently playable, it's expected that "time release" fighters will slowly be added to the game in the coming days/months. To hold you over, here are the latest T7 videos, details, and sexy photos of TEKKEN 7 arcade cabs.

March 17th, 2015
MKX Achievement/Trophy Images Leak Characters, Alternate Costumes & Test Your Might

*Spoiler Alert!* With less than a month until Mortal Kombat X hits PS4, XB1 & PC, the game's achievement / trophy list has been leaked courtesy of What's more interesting are some particularly revealing screenshots attached to certain achievements which have leaked some juicy visuals, including playable characters, alternate costumes, and Test Your Might mode.

March 14th, 2015
No Cross-Region Netplay For Mortal Kombat X on PSN

While the hype building up for MKX has been strong, the past two days have revealed a bit of bad news. First the delay to "Summer 2015" for the PS3/360 ports, and now the announcement of "region-locked" online multiplayer (on PSN), as confirmed today by MKX producer Shaun Himmeric. What this means is: Players from North America can't play with those from Europe (or other regions) and vice versa. Due to this, some fans are speculating on the quality of MKX's netcode.  (Source: SRK)

March 13th, 2015
MKX Delayed Until "Summer 2015" on PS3/360

When it comes to multi-platform fighting game releases, it seems like last-gen ports are getting the shaft more and more. Warner Bros. confirmed today that MKX will be delayed on PS3 & Xbox 360 until Summer 2015. The good news is, MKX will still be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on the original release date, April 14th. Ed Boon did state early on in the game's development that they are "focused solely on the PS4/XB1 ports" (so you can't say he didn't warn you). 

March 13th, 2015
Friday The 13th's Jason Voorhees Announced As Guest Character For Mortal Kombat X

Happy Friday The 13th... because Jason is coming to MKX. Back in 2011, Freddy Krueger jumped from his horror heritage to Mortal Kombat 9 as a guest fighter. The horror film icon, Jason Voorhees, will follow in his buddy's footsteps this year as the first fighter in MKX's "Kombat Pack" DLC. There's no gameplay or screenshots of Jason yet, but the teaser reveal trailer should get fans pretty excited.

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