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Allow me to introduce myself... The name's Frank. I'm the creator and webmaster of
The Fighters Generation. This domain has certainly come a long way since the year 1999/2000, when I began building this website from scratch. It has taken 1000's upon 1000's of man-hours to build and maintain TFG for the past 2 decades... but it's truly a "labor of love". In case you don't already know, I write the news articles, the reviews, update Characters & Games profiles, in addition to managing all other aspects of this website daily - including social media. For business inquiries, email me here.

The "art of fighting" was embedded in my blood at a very young age. Growing up with these amazing characters and games has inspired me throughout my life. I'm sure my timeless infatuation with fighting games, martial arts, and artwork is made very clear through my years of dedication to TFG. That said, I want to thank everyone who has shared this passion and has visited and supported
TFG all these years (and an even bigger thanks to the many contributors who help make this site awesome). Whether you've sent in news, images, information, donations, created cool TFG banners, or simply visit the website on a daily/weekly basis, know that I couldn't have kept TFG going for this long without you. Even though I am the lone webmaster around here, I don't usually refer to TFG as "my website". To be clear: TFG was created for all fans and players of fighting games, and to ensure that fighting games are always respected as "more than just video games"... and thus, will never die. As your humble webmaster, I will continue to make TFG awesome for the fighting game community... for many years to come.
fyagami-jet3000-judodarkfist-jan2018.jpg (775420 bytes)
Best friends for nearly 2 decades.
grandmasters2018-berns.png (3039833 bytes)
Grandmasters Celebration 2018. 
fyagami-ashylnnblue-berns-jan2018.png (3135450 bytes)
With the real life waifu. Jan 2018.
fyagami-tekken7-collectors-edition.png (2284925 bytes)
TEKKEN 7 Collectors Edition. 2017. >:}
fyagami-martialarts2017.png (2048617 bytes)
My day job for the past 20 years.
FYagami-2016.png (881030 bytes)
Devil Modo. 2016.
tfg-webmaster-fyagami-katsuhiro-harada-ceo2017.jpg (1987953 bytes)
With the man, Lord Harada. CEO 2017.
frank-yagami-ashlynn-blue-grouse-mountain-canada-2018.png (3040520 bytes)
Vancouver, Canada.
April 2018.
fyagami-jet3000-shellyfox-aug2017.png (5562498 bytes)
Friends for over 10 years. FYagami, JET3000, Shelly Fox. August 2017.
fyagami-ashlynnblue-shellyfox-jet3000-july2017.png (1243783 bytes)
Typical Art Session + Boba Tea. July 2017.

I'm an introverted person in real life. However, since this is the "About" page (and it seems like you're interested enough to read this), I'll tell you a bit more about myself. I'll start from the very beginning, because I've been playing video games ever since I could walk. I began confidently using a computer in 1986, when I was 3 years old. I religiously enjoyed many old school 80's classics at home, all thanks to the fact that my father was a hardcore "PC guy" back in the day. The first "fighting games" I fell in love with were Commodore & Amiga versions of International Karate & Yie Ar Kung Fu (and Barbarian if you want to count that one). My father also began martial arts during his teenage years in the 70's, which definitely contributed to my growing interest in martial arts as an 80's kid.

Me (8 years old) with Mom, playin' Street Fighter 2: CE. 1992.
frankie-commodore128edit.png (523871 bytes)
On that Commodore 128 (in C64 mode).
fyagami-vegas2014.png (1327048 bytes)
Vegas 2014.

hk20.jpg (290631 bytes)

Hong Kong. 2010.
fyagami-vegas-nyny2016.png (4748815 bytes)
Vegas. Nov 2016.
frank-yagami-brucelee-grave-seattle-april2018.png (5746320 bytes)
Bruce Lee's Grave. Seattle. April 2018.
fyagami-seattle-arcade2018.png (3143695 bytes)
My love for arcades will never die. Found one in Seattle 2018.
fyagami-tekken-tag2-chinatownfair-march2017.png (2185924 bytes)
TTT2 Arcade. 2017.
Chitown Fair NYC.
frank-yagami-chinatown-fair-2017.png (1313997 bytes)
The Legendary
Chinatown Fair NYC.
March 2017.
fyagami-ny-chitown2017.jpg (787942 bytes)
NY Chinatown. 2017
fyagami-ashlynn-vegas-forum-shops-2017.jpg (616397 bytes)
Vegas Forum Shops. 2017.

To continue on this nostalgia trip... one of my #1 main hobbies as a kid was spending time at the thriving arcades of the late 80's / early 90's. I would beg my parents to drive me to a local mall, just so I could camp out at the arcade for hours (and maybe check out the food court too). ^_~ While my parents walked the mall for a few hours, I would do nothing but live on particular arcade machines (yes, mostly fighting games). This was an every-weekend kind of thing. I spent so many hours in so many different arcades. I miss the smell of mall arcades... it's a one-of-a-kind smell. It was inside those dark, intimate arcades where I fell in love with iconic games such as: Street Fighter 1, Street Fighter 2, Final Fight, Samurai Shodown, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Killer Instinct, and countless others. Since I became addicted to arcades when I was 5 or 6 years old, for a few years I actually had to stand on an upturned milk crate to properly reach the controls (and manage to see the screen effectively). Thankfully, I grew after a while and was able to reach the controls on my own... it was a proud day for me.

Since pretty much all I did when I was a kid was draw, eat, and play video games, I actually brought solid competition to the arcade. And I was proud of it. I didn't mess around... I was given a certain number of quarters and had to make those quarters last! I wasn't about to leave the arcade and try to chase my parents down for more quarters (it's not like a had a cell phone or anything, lol). At my local arcades, I become known to rack up some impressive win streaks for a 7-8 year old, and found certain joy in sending guys "three times my size" back to the token machine. Later in life, I saw kids younger than me doing the very same thing... which kept me inspired and kept me training.
fyagami-sanfrancisco-nov2017-coit-tower.png (3405536 bytes)
San Francisco
Nov. 2017.
fyagami-newyork-march2017.png (5214959 bytes)
NYC. March 2017.
fyagami-engaged-nov2016.png (1181758 bytes)
Aria Las Vegas.
Nov 2016.
frankbrucejet.jpg (136287 bytes)
Frank, Jet & Bruce Lee (wax statue). Hong Kong 2010.
brotha-kyo-tfg-webmaster-fyagami2017.png (1897275 bytes)
Old friend Mike, AKA Brotha Kyo. CEO '17.
6th-dan.png (866000 bytes)
With my original TKD instructor. Known him over 20 years.
fyagami-harada-tekken.png (370097 bytes)
Fighting stance with Harada-san.
fyagami-nika-vegas2014.png (659337 bytes)
Luxor Vegas. 2014.
mryagami-june3rd-2012.png (866808 bytes)
Chillin' at my house (jk). 2012.
castle09a.png (704828 bytes)
Ron, Shelly & Frank. Serious/sexy pic. 2009.

I also started Karate at the age of 7... which became another lifelong passion of mine. (Plus, I had to be able to defend myself just in case some teenage bloke decided to mess with me after I whooped that ass in SF2... but no, I never had to dish out any real life K.O.'s at the 'cade.) My dad would also silently watch me play at the arcade sometimes, and had my back, because he began to notice some of those older, taller kids getting legit pissed off after I sent them back to the token machine for the 5th or 6th time. Man, the 80's and 90's were so great. Throughout my early gaming career, fighting games quickly became my favorite genre due to their deep competitive nature, their ever-increasing level of complexity, and also their popularity among the first generation of fighting game players. Like many others, I never really took a break from playing (in rebellion to what those silly manuals used to say). Clearly, I'm very proud to be among the "original generation" of fighting game players from the glory days. Even now in my mid 30's... I obviously still love my fighting games, and I don't think I'll ever have a reason to quit. For the record, I love both 2D and 3D fighters alike... always have. I also enjoy other genres of gaming (check my PSN trophies below), but fighting will always be my first love.

fyagami-sanfrancisco-nov2017-palace-of-fine-arts-center.png (14239913 bytes)
One of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.
fyagami-ashlynn-sanfrancisco2017-palace-of-fine-arts-center.png (12880718 bytes)
San Francisco. Palace of Fine Arts.
November 2017.
fyagami-mojave-nov2016.png (2995072 bytes)
Mojave Desert. 2016.
fyagami-ashlynnblue-vegas-2016-2.png (2831049 bytes)
Vegas Mirage 2016. Her eyes are crazy.
fyagami-ashlynnblue-vegas-2016.png (1291113 bytes)
Ramsay Steak. 5 star steak. 2016.
fyagami-tekken-trophy-2016-6.png (1788746 bytes)
I am The King of Iron Fist... Doriya! 2016.
fyagami-vegas-ramenya-nov2016.png (1585831 bytes)
Vegas. Nov 2016.
Say YA to Ramen-ya.
fyagami-ashlynnblue-vegas-bobatea-april2017.png (1115849 bytes)
Best Vegas boba tea spot. 2017.
fyagami-ashlynnblue-longisland-ny-oct2017.png (3659502 bytes)
Long Island NY.
Oct 2017.
fyagami-ny-jan2017.png (5418973 bytes)
Long Island, NY.
Jan. 2017.



When I created this website nearly 20 years ago, I soon realized that I wasn't the only person with a deep passion for fighting games... it's more than a hobby, more than entertainment, and a lot more than "just a game". It's something hard to describe really. Gamers who were frequent to arcades in the early 90's, where the rise of the fighting genre began in arcades around the world, are the original generation of fighting game players. Those of us in
The Fighters Generation will never forget the days when kids and adults filled the arcades, the better of us hovering around the hottest fighting game waiting to test out the competition (and the best of us racking up those crowd-pleasing win streaks). ;) No other gaming genre brought that type of crowd or made that kind of impact back then. It was a phenomenon, worldwide. Fighting games were also responsible for breathing new life into the struggling arcades of the early-mid 90's, and certainly helped in keeping the arcade scene alive for many years to come. Even though arcades have sadly diminished over the years (especially here in the USA), the fighting genre is still very much alive and kicking today, thanks to the loyal fans around the world, the timeless games & characters we know and love, and the dedicated creators and companies behind them. Thanks to our passion... fighting games have practically become "mainstream" again... (but then again, still aren't really mainstream).


Since the arrival of arcade fighting games in the late 80's / early 90's, the genre always has been a leader and a prominent influence in the now billion dollar video game industry. The character designs and gameplay elements within fighting games have inspired countless other franchises and genres out there, and have also exceeded themselves well beyond video games. (Just look at all the atrociously bad movies Hollywood tried to cash in on, and don't forget about the dummies who blamed violent behavior on games like Mortal Kombat back in the 90's.) There's no doubt that fighting games made a momentous dent in video game history, and history has repeated itself time and time again. Regardless what country you're from or what language you speak, FightersGeneration.com is your #1 resource to reminisce and reflect on the history & evolution of fighting games, as well as keep up to date with what's HOT in the genre!


First and foremost, The Fighters Generation embraces the ARTISTIC side of fighting games. As a casual pencil artist since I was a child, I've always been inspired by "interesting "character designs. If you're well-acquainted with the top fighting game franchises, there's no doubt you respect something about the artwork & visual designs of many of the characters. Not only their visual appearances, but their storylines and movesets can be inspiring in a variety of ways. Let's face it, not everyone can appreciate what "good" art is these days. Contrary to what some might think, many fighting games can easily be considered "works of art"... not only due to the intricate game designs themselves (and some of their brilliant soundtracks), but due to the countless 2D artworks, 3D renders, and  animations that were created from scratch by amazingly talented, legendary artists. On that note, the true credit behind TFG's visual content goes to the master artists who are responsible for some of the most inspiring and skillful video game art of all time... Just to name a few: Bengus, Akiman, Shinkiro, Edayan, Takuji Kawano, Kinu Nishimura, Daigo Ikeno, Falcoon, Nona, Eiji Shiroi and Daisuke Ishiwatari. While we're on this subject, I recommend you check out TFG's Artist Profiles feature to learn more about these artists. In case you don't know, the original purpose behind this website (15 years ago) was to proudly and respectfully showcase the very underrated, but fan-appreciated artwork of fighting games. If it weren't for the preceding artists, TFG certainly would not be here. And in turn, you may never have become interested in fighting games if it weren't for the aforementioned artists.


Fighting games would not exist without art. The 2D sprites and animation that started it all in the late 80's / early 90's has evolved dramatically and beautifully throughout the past 3 decades. If for some reason you don't understand how "Fighting Games = Art," The Fighters Generation will educate you. For one, ARTWORK was used a the main tool for "selling" many fighting games, including games like Street Fighter, TEKKEN, Soul Calibur, King of Fighters, and countless others. It is this artwork that first got many players interested in trying out (and eventually buying many times over) these games.

TFG proudly and respectfully hosts a plethora of high quality official (and non-official) fighting game artwork and animated 2D sprites. TFG is the largest archive of its kind, and continues to grow daily. This website has proven to be an excellent tool & reference for professional artists and aspiring artists alike. A primary reason this website came into existence was to inspire those types of people out there who appreciate this style of art & character design. (On that note, one of my best friends is a very talented artist; and I actually met him through playing fighting games at the arcade. Don't miss Jet's gallery here on the site: TFG's Featured Artist).

If you are an artist using FightersGeneration.com for reference... or inspiration... know that I am happy, and even more motivated to make TFG the best it can possibly be. Also, shoutouts to the professional cosplayers who use TFG for reference for their costumes (and poses for their photos)! Clearly, TFG's media galleries appeal to a wide variety of fans, and it's obviously been one of the website's most notable features since its conception. However
, TFG certainly doesn't stop at artwork and has evolved into many other avenues. As the TFG webmaster, I'm committed to bringing you the best fighting game news, reviews, and previews... and continuing to update the ever-evolving, world famous TFG character profiles: complete with elaborate bios, storylines, overviews, and the best images for hundreds (upon hundreds) of characters. I also love entertaining the TFG audience via the Fighters Generation Youtube, live streaming on Twitch, and on other social media sites.

In continuation on the subject of Art... as you may know, many fighting games (such as TEKKEN, Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur, Samurai Shodown, and even Street Fighter) contain characters whose fighting styles are closely based on real life MARTIAL ARTS. Even some of the more "exaggerated" movements of ultra-powerful or (some would say) "unrealistic" character designs pay direct homage to traditional martial arts styles. Personally being involved in martial arts for well over 20 years (most of my life), the "art of fighting" is in my blood. In fact, I teach traditional martial arts for a living. I'm one of the very lucky people out there who loves his job, and I really couldn't imagine doing anything else. I've been studying the science of fighting my entire life, so fighting games are more "real" to someone like me than most people could imagine. I've also met many other individuals who appreciate both fighting games and martial arts just as much as I do... and it's always inspiring. For martial artists like myself, there's so much to appreciate when it comes to the classic (and new) fighting game characters who proudly display the beauty, tradition, and personality behind countless martial arts styles.


If you happen to be a fellow martial artist who found your way here, WELCOME. (And feel free to introduce yourself.) If you don't already know, you'll soon learn about the countless tributes to martial arts that appear in fighting games. In the long run, TFG itself is a tribute to the beauty, diversity, and timelessness of martial arts. The "spirit" of fighting will always live here. To be frank (I am Frank), if fighting games didn't contain vivid references to authentic martial arts, I probably never would've become as passionate about them in the first place (and this website wouldn't exist). Not only have fighting games become more realistic, more technical, and contain many overtones of real martial arts & martial arts principles, but I believe fighting games are good for your mind. A quality fighting game brings two people together in a unique head-to-head match-up that you really can't find anywhere else (besides actually sparring or being in a real fight of course)! Just like a real duel, a quality fighter is the ultimate test of mental concentration; requiring sharp reaction time, precise decisions, prediction of your opponent's mind & movements, creativity, and pure skill in order to win. The "thinking game" involved in some fighting games really does mirror the same elements of a real fight. And yes, I do believe being a martial artist of 20+ years gives me "an edge" in fighting games... I suppose over two decades of playing nearly every fighting game in existence probably helps too. ;) Also worth mentioning, are the many professional fighters and pro-wrestlers out there who love their fighting games. You know who you are! Keep representin'! 

In closing, I'd like to mention that I didn't create TFG to make money. I created this website purely out of passion for fighting games and artwork. I've kept it going all these years to ensure that the fighting genre never fades away... and that the art, brilliance and beauty is never overlooked or under-appreciated. If you remember correctly, there was a period of time when fighting games weren't so abundant, and certainly weren't "front page" news. There was a time when many "gamers" out there were saying "2D fighting games are dead."... but TFG never wavered. There was a time when many gamers out there were saying "3D fighting games are dead." ... but TFG never wavered (and I laughed). I knew it wasn't true, and statements like that only further inspired me to show how awesome fighting games are, and to make TFG the best damn fighting game website ever. The thousands of dedicated, competitive players also never wavered, and in turn, we've all contributed in making the fighting genre the ongoing success that it is today. Let's keep it going, yeah?



Beginning in
2009, TFG expanded into social media... As the TFG Webmaster, in addition to running this website, I've put a lot of effort into simultaneously managing all 5 of TFG's social media profiles. While it's a challenging time investment, it's incredibly fun and rewarding interacting daily with fellow passionate fighting game players. (On that note, thanks to all of you who follow TFG on social media and help our community grow!) Below is a brief description of each TFG Social Media profile its specific "focus".

  •    TFG YouTube  -  TFG's YouTube Channel opened for business back in 2009. The channel hosts a plethora of unique content, such as: musical gameplay compilations (several reaching 100,000+ views), combo videos, vlogs, trailers, and plenty of 1-on-1 match videos. My main competitive games are TEKKEN and Soul Calibur, so expect a ton of content for those. I also plan to upload more videos of "classic" fighting games (for nostalgia and historical value) in the near future. TFG's YouTube channel also periodically hosts official / rare trailers for upcoming fighting games as well as some classic introduction movies remastered in HD.

  •    TFG Twitch  -  TFG's newest social venture... TFG Twitch kicked off in 2016 and hit 1000+ followers in under a year. As you'd expect, you can watch fighting games (and sometimes non-fighting games) streamed live with gameplay by yours truly, Mr. Yagami / TFG Webmaster. Special guests such as my wife, AshlynnBlue, and JET3000 occasionally join me on stream. Interact in the chat, ask me questions live, or just hang out and enjoy the show. Upcoming planned streams are announced on the TFG News page and TFG Twitter.

  •    TFG Twitter  -  Also starting in 2009, @Fighters_Gen on Twitter brings you the latest fighting game news with links directly to the hottest articles right here on FightersGeneration.com. Only the most relevant fighting game news and articles are tweeted, with occasional retweets from official developers and companies. Sometimes I also post random fighting game artwork on Twitter, or new content I'm adding to the site. The TFG Twitch livestream is also announced on Twitter just before the stream goes live.

  •    TFG Instagram  -  In November 2015, I created a Instagram for TFG. At first, I was unsure about the function and "focus" of a TFG Instagram, but time has proven Instagram to be a viable and fun social media platform for the fighting game genre & community. Along with posting fighting game news, TFG Insta is a more personally-catered page, where I upload new (and random) fighting game images & artwork that I come across (and things I like). Instagram posts will also give you an idea of which TFG Characters & Games pages are being updated. Occasionally, I also post some personal pics & videos. 

  •    TFG Facebook  Last but not least, TFG's Facebook profile covers the most headlining fighting game news - and of course, the FB community can either "ride the hype train" or simply complain about the latest happenings with fighting games until their hearts content. Occasionally, I'll update the page with random images, artwork, cosplayer photos, etc. *Editor's NOTE* Facebook is my least favorite social media platform due to its lack of customizing / creativity, pushy advertising, and the fact that it glitches when making news posts. Therefore, I update Facebook the least out of all of TFG's social media profiles.

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Thanks for visiting TFG... Never Stop Fighting.

                          Frank  "Mr. Yagami"



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