Artist Profiles  UPDATE!
Get to know your official fighting game artists! Amazing illustrations & fun facts about the legends!
    Fighting Game Timeline
A fighting game timeline dating back to 1985! We old school. Includes links to all TFG profiles.
    Artist Spotlight  NEW!
A new TFG feature for 2020 featuring exclusive interviews with incredible FGC fan artists!
    Animal Crossing x Fighting Games
A collection of user-created Fighting Game-themed items for Animal Crossing: New Horizons!
    Final Fight Retrospective  UPDATE!
Capcom's developers interview along with a collection of nostalgic Final Fight trivia and artwork.
    TFG Review FAQ
A detailed look at how games & characters are rated at The Fighters Generation. Updated 2020.
    TFG Games Ratings Spreadsheet
A Google spreadsheet document containing all TFG Games Reviews / Profiles in order from lowest-rated to highest-rated. Also includes links. (Big thanks to Rodrigo Coimbra for creating the beta version!)
    What is... M.U.G.E.N?
If you don't know what "M.U.G.E.N" is... this feature is for you!
    What is... Hi Score Girl?
The TFG Webmaster's full overview of Season 1 of the nostalgia-fueled anime.
    VGM Musicians
Some ultra-talented musicians who have covered fighting game music.
    FG Vlogs
After 15 years of "silently" working on this website... TFG Webmaster Frank Joseph breaks his silence and talks fighting games (and more) in the Fighters_Gen Vlog series!
    TFG Video Projects / Compilations
A collection of exclusive videos, including compilations & CMVs from TFG's YouTube Channel.
    Special Move Translations
Japanese to English move & win quote translations for several fan-favorite fighting game characters!
    Capcom Anatomy Guide
Capcom's developers interview along with a collection of nostalgic Final Fight trivia and artwork.
    Featured Artist: JET3000
Meet TFG's Featured Artist: William Fong (AKA JET3000)!
    Hong Kong 2010 Vlog Series
A vlog series documenting Frank & Jet's trip to Hong Kong, China in 2010.
    QCF + Bookmark
A 2011 interview with the TFG Webmaster from Thunderboltgames. Learn about TFG's past, present and future. A must-read for any longtime TFG fan!
    Epic Fighting Game Cosplay
TFG's Facebook page has featured many professional cosplayers who bring iconic fighting game characters to life.
    The Shadow's Ambition
A short film directed by a friend, Tony V. Special guest appearances by TFG Webmaster & JET3000.
    TFG Contests
A history of TFG's long-running Banner Contest!
    Feedback Archive
TFG's classic Feedback section has been archived here in TFG Features.

    Showroom Archive
Fighting game collectibles and memorabilia from TFG Webmaster's personal collection.
New photos (and videos) coming soon!


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