TFG's Art Gallery proudly showcases official (and non-official) fighting game artwork containing "Duos, Trios and Group Pictures" of characters from a wide variety of franchises. If you're looking for individual character artworks, head over to TFG's Characters section. However, if you're currently in the mood for rare poster art, collages, group shots, etc... then feast your eyes on some amazing works by the fighting genre's best artists, below! The artwork on display is rotated often.


(Last Updated:  May 12th, 2018)
cammy-vs-blanka-by-kevin-murphey.jpg (1094296 bytes)
Cammy VS Blanka from SF: The Storytelling Game by Kevin Murphey
sf2-special-champion-edition-boxart-by-mick-mcginty-1993.jpg (51773 bytes)
Guile VS Bison from SF2: Special Champion Edition (by Mick McGinty)
streetfighter2-turbo-poster-4-shadaloo-kings.jpg (221476 bytes)
Street Fighter 2 Turbo Shadaloo Bosses Poster
ryu-vs-akuma-sfa2-remake-by-long-vo.jpg (132240 bytes)
SFV Ryu VS Akuma "SFA2 Iconic Poster Remake" (by Long Vo) 
capcom-fighting-allstars-rare-sushi-poster.jpg (1021835 bytes)
Capcom Fighting All Stars Rare "Sushi" Poster
capcom-fighting-allstars-shinkiro-poster.jpg (886794 bytes)
Capcom Fighting All Stars Poster Artwork (by Shinkiro)
capcom-fighting-allstars-cfn-portal-poster.jpg (1236141 bytes)
Capcom Fighting All Stars Poster Artwork
sfgroup-jeffrychambacruz.jpg (216096 bytes)
Street Fighter Group (by Chamba)
sf2-classic-hd4.jpg (590640 bytes)
Classic Street Fighter 2 Poster
capcom-group-by-daigo-ikeno.png (1335935 bytes)
Capcom Group
(By Daigo Ikeno)
streetfighter1-japan-flyer-characters.png (1486439 bytes)
Street Fighter (1) Japanese Flyer
 streetfighter1-japan-flyer-characters2.jpg (406577 bytes)
Street Fighter (1) Japanese Flyer - Part 2
sfv-bengus-story-artwork.jpg (1701979 bytes)

SFV Balrog, Urien, Juri, Ibuki, Alex, Guile & Ryu Poster (by Bengus)

Darkstalkers 3 - Demitri Midnight Bliss Collection Sketches
cammy-delta-red-concept-artwork-super-sf2.png (498889 bytes)
Cammy & Delta Red Concept Art (Super SF2)
sf3-3rdstrike-early2.jpg (523298 bytes)
SFIII: 3rd Strike Early Concept Sketches (Remy & Makoto)
sf3-3rdstrike-early3.jpg (549018 bytes)
SFIII: 3rd Strike Early Concept Sketches (Ryu, Ken, Oro & Sean)
sf3-3rdstrike-early4.jpg (543185 bytes)
SFIII: 3rd Strike Early Concept Sketches (Yun, Yang & Ibuki)
sf3-3rdstrike-early5.jpg (519042 bytes)
SFIII: 3rd Strike Early Concept Sketches (Alex, Hugo & Elena)
sf3-3rdstrike-early6.jpg (524127 bytes)
SFIII: 3rd Strike Early Concept Sketches (Urien, Dudley & Akuma)
sf2-classic-hd6.jpg (361859 bytes)
Super SF2 Turbo Classic Poster- Cammy & Chun-Li
sf2-classic-hd7.jpg (886514 bytes)
Street Fighter 2 - Classic Poster
julia-chunli-cammy-artwork.jpg (189659 bytes)
Cammy, Chun-Li, Julia Chang & Lili (by Kinu)
3rdstrike-to-be-the-best.jpg (294534 bytes)
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - "To Be The Best of The Best" fan collage.
capcom-fighting-allstars-shinkiro-poster2.jpg (985540 bytes)
Capcom Fighting All Stars Poster Art (by Shinkiro)
morrigan-lilith-kinu.png (733976 bytes)
Morrigan & Lilith
(by Kinu)
maki-and-ibuki-by-kinu-nishimura.jpg (207635 bytes)
Maki & Ibuki
(by Kinu)
sfgals-sfa3max-sf3.jpg (179344 bytes)
Chibi Style SFA3 Max / SF3 Girls
sfex-edayan-poster.jpg (797219 bytes)
Street Fighter EX1  Poster (By Edayan)
cammy-maki1.jpg (103555 bytes)
Maki & Cammy
heroes-of-capcom-calender-art-by-kinu-nishimura.png (2283095 bytes)
Heroes of Capcom Calender Art (by Kinu Nishimura) 
sf3-3s-casualgroup.jpg (525697 bytes)
SFIII: 3rd Strike Casual Group (by Kinu Nishimura)  
tiffany-iincho-ran-boman-roy.png (140620 bytes)
Boman, Roy, Tiffany, Iincho & Ran from Project Justice / Rival Schools 2
finalfight-x2.png (244514 bytes)
Old School Final Fight Poster Art
xm-vs-sf-full.png (3039000 bytes)
X-Men VS Street Fighter Poster (by Bengus)
worldofcapcom.png (3658148 bytes)
World of Capcom Artwork
capcom-happynewyear2001.png (246779 bytes)
Capcom Happy New Year 2001 Collage
streetfighter25th-by-hiroaki.jpg (840733 bytes)
Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute Artwork (by Hiroaki)
sfexgroup-by-cruz.jpg (124561 bytes)
Street Fighter EX - Skullomania, D. Dark, Pullum (by Chamba)
tvc-uas-wall2.jpg (610081 bytes)
Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All Stars Poster (by Shinkiro)
darkstalkers-official-complete-works-cover.jpg (456854 bytes)
Darkstalkers Official Complete Works Cover
finalfight-x1.png (601368 bytes)
Final Fight - Rare Official Poster
ssf2-by-edayan.jpg (790118 bytes)
Super Street Fighter 2 Group (by Edayan)
chunli-lili-akiman.jpg (614816 bytes)
Chun-Li VS Lili (by Akiman)
sfa3-chibidolls.jpg (448601 bytes)
SFA3 Balrog, Juni, Juli & Dolls Concept Art
streetfighter-x-allcapcom-quality-poster.png (1302015 bytes)
Street Fighter X All Capcom Poster
mvc3-bengus.jpg (424842 bytes)
MVC3 Poster (by Bengus)
ryu-ken-b2b.jpg (100325 bytes)
Ryu & Eagle Ken
ryu-kyo-haohmaru.jpg (157169 bytes)
Ryu, Kyo & Haohmaru - CVS2
ryualex.jpg (139594 bytes)
Ryu VS Alex
tekken7-katarina-josie-hwoarang-artwork-by-jbstyle.jpg (465978 bytes)
Tekken 7 Katarina, Josie & Hwoarang by Jbstyle
tekken7-alisa-xiaoyu-dark-secret-by-jbstyle.jpg (556731 bytes)
Tekken 7 Alisa & Xiaoyu "Dark Secret" by Jbstyle
jbstyle-tekken7-kazuya-heihachi-artwork.jpg (399920 bytes)  
Tekken 7 Kazuya & Heihachi Artwork by Jbstyle
fbh-x-tekken7-character-art1.jpg (349451 bytes)
Fullbokko Heroes X Tekken 7 Character Artwork (#1)
fbh-x-tekken7-character-art2.jpg (383130 bytes)
Fullbokko Heroes X TEKKEN 7 Character Artwork (#2)
lars-alisa-japanese.jpg (151101 bytes)
Lars & Alisa Japanese Art
ling-xiaoyu-jin-kazama-tekken-illustration-2005.png (684863 bytes)
Ling Xiaoyu & Jin Kazama (2005) 
tekken3-heihachi-vs-true-ogre-comic.jpg (959285 bytes)
Heihachi Mishima VS True Ogre (Tekken 3 Comic)
ttt2-lili-asuka-bana-passport.jpg (205092 bytes)
Lili & Asuka BanaPassport Art
tekken-tag-tournament2-unlimited-artwork-by-junny.jpg (152830 bytes)
Tekken Tag 2 Poster (By Junny)
tekken-unknown-artist.jpg (227086 bytes)
Badass Tekken Poster Artwork (Unknown Artist)
jin-vs-ogre-tekken3-comic.png (311648 bytes)
Jin Kazama VS Ogre (Tekken 3 comic)
 yoshimitsu-raven-tekkennet-winter-festival-2013.png (491223 bytes)
Yoshimitsu & Raven ( Winter Festival 2013)
heihachi-kuma-tekkennet-silly.jpg (726515 bytes)
TTT2 Heihachi & Kuma Silly Artwork
ling-alisa-tekken-artwork-by-shunya-yamashita.jpg (32302 bytes)
Ling Xiaoyu & Alisa (by Shunya Yamashita)
tekken-team-battle-poster2014.jpg (288112 bytes)
Tekken Team Battle Poster
jin-jun-kazama-ttt2-japanese-artwork-official.jpg (87508 bytes)
Jin & Jun Kazama Japanese Art (TTT2)
kuma-panda-tekkennet-spring-festival2014.jpg (297896 bytes)
Kuma & Panda
( Spring Festival 2014)
panda-alisa-ling-valentinefestival2014.jpg (938520 bytes)
Alisa, Ling & Panda (Valentine Festival 2014)
king-forrestlaw-tekken3-comic-artwork.jpg (862216 bytes)
King & Forest Law (Tekken 3 comic)
bob-leo-zafina-miguel-jp.jpg (166340 bytes)
Bob, Leo, Zafina & Miguel Japanese Art
ttt2-8bit.jpeg (182628 bytes)
Tekken Tag 2 8-bit character faces
ling-xiaoyu-miharu-tekken-2004-artwork.png (183388 bytes)
Ling Xiaoyu & Miharu (Tekken 4 concept art)
tekken-chance-poster.jpg (165813 bytes)
Tekken Chance Poster (2004)
jin-kazama-ogre-tekken3-comic-illustration.jpg (780197 bytes)
Jin Kazama & Ancient Ogre (Tekken 3 Comic)
heihachi-junt2.jpg (58854 bytes)
Tekken 2 Heihachi Mishima & Jun Kazama
tekken-taffy-by-kincept.jpg (298094 bytes)
"Tekken Taffy"
(by Kincept)
marshall-law-paul-tekken6-arena-artwork.jpg (204775 bytes)
Marshall Law & Paul Phoenix ( Tekken 6 Story Mode)
nina-vs-anna-tekken6-storyart.jpeg (115223 bytes)
Nina & Anna (Tekken 6 Story Mode)

TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution Chibi Girls Artwork
cardfightersclash-ds-poster-artwork-clean.jpg (691036 bytes)
Card Fighters Clash DS Poster Artwork
fatal-fury-young-geese-artwork-canceled-game.jpg (819589 bytes)
Canceled Fatal Fury game starring young Geese Howard (by Shinkiro)
kof-14-arcade-poster2017.jpg (242154 bytes)
KOF14 Arcade Version Poster
kof14-special-anniversary-edition-poster-artwork.jpg (256467 bytes)
KOF XIV Special Anniversary Edition Poster
kyo-and-hugo-chaos.jpg (475752 bytes)
Kyo VS Hugo (SVC Chaos Comic Art)
samurai-shodown-slash-artwork.jpg (154133 bytes)
Samurai Shodown Slash Artwork
fatalfury-pocketgroup1.jpg (466385 bytes)

Fatal Fury: 1st Contact NGPC Poster Artwork
snkchar-photos.jpg (1664721 bytes)
King of Fighters XI Character Photos Poster Artwork
aof1-faces.jpg (189773 bytes)
Art of Fighting (1) Character Faces Collage
snk-heroes-terry-kyo-ryo.jpg (38795 bytes)
"SNK Heroes" Art - Terry, Kyo & Ryo
kyo-vs-orochi-kof.jpg (244760 bytes)
Orochi VS Iori (Hong Kong style KOF poster)
metalslug6-poster.jpg (873975 bytes)
Metal Slug 6 Poster
aofteam-fixed.jpg (726558 bytes)
Kyokugenryu Karate Team Poster
kof-hk.jpg (197785 bytes)
Iori, Mai, Chizuru, King (Hong Kong style KOF poster) 
terry-vs-geese-fatalfury-premium.JPG (113632 bytes)
Geese Howard VS Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury Premium)
terry-and-john-crawley-snk-arcade.jpg (237810 bytes)
Terry Bogard & John Crawley at Arcade
fatalfuryspecial-criticsight-art.jpg (265551 bytes)
Fatal Fury Special "Critic Sight" Art
fatalfuryspecial-criticsight-art2.jpg (226297 bytes)
Fatal Fury Special Critic Sight Art (2)
fatalfuryspecial-criticsight-art3.jpg (566958 bytes)
Fatal Fury Special Critic Sight Art (3)
Fatal-fury-special-especial-criticsight-arte-20.jpg (227373 bytes)
Fatal Fury Special Critic Sight Art (4)
snk-crazycollage.jpg (217740 bytes)
SNK characters Collage
ryo-robert-aof2.jpg (244794 bytes)
Ryo Sakazaki VS Robert Garcia - Art of Fighting 2
snk-tiger.jpg (227064 bytes)
Old School NeoGeo Group
ryo-takuma-robert-k94.jpg (97167 bytes)
Ryo, Robert & Takuma - KOF '94
akari-and-yuki.jpg (160249 bytes)
Yuki & Akari from Last Blade
kofchibi-newyear.jpg (391611 bytes)
SNK Happy New Year 2009 - Chibi Characters Collage
kof2002-um-happynewyear2009.jpg (577151 bytes)
SNK Happy New Year 2009 - KOF 2002: UM Group
soiree-alba-text.jpg (401135 bytes)
Soiree, Alba & Luise - KOF:MI2
fatalfury1-poster-hd.jpg (501758 bytes)
Fatal Fury 1 Poster
genjuro-vs-iori.jpg (126477 bytes)
Iori Yagami VS Genjuro Kibagami
blazblue-ragna-and-jin-by-saisuke-ishiwatari.png (1969826 bytes)
Ragna & Jin Kisaragi (by D. Ishiwatari)
gg2-overture-illustration.jpg (339989 bytes)

Guilty Gear 2 Overture Poster
gg2-overture-boxartwork.jpg (292869 bytes)

Guilty Gear 2 Overture Box Art
sol-ky-early-ggx.jpg (33371 bytes)

Ky VS Sol - Early GGX Artwork
gg2-overture-guidecover.jpg (328642 bytes)
Guilty Gear 2 Overture Guide Cover
sol-millia-gg.jpg (152749 bytes)
Sol Badguy & Millia Rage
roboky-ky-and-sol.jpg (263672 bytes)
Robo-Ky, Ky Kiske, & Sol Badguy
ordersol-and-ky-horse.jpg (315514 bytes)
Ky Kiske & Holy Order Sol
blazblue-alvinlee.jpg (313908 bytes)
Blazblue Poster (by Alvin Lee)
blazblue-rareposter.jpg (253012 bytes)
Blazblue: CS Poster
faust-zappa-acplus.jpg (95551 bytes)

Faust & Zappa (GGXX: AC+ Ending)
baiken-ino-acplus.jpg (100450 bytes)
Baiken defeats I-No (GGXX:AC+ Ending)
chip-baiken-venom.jpg (85079 bytes)
Chipp, Baiken & Venom
jam-axl-roboky-acplus.jpg (128098 bytes)
Jam Kicks Axl & Robo Kys (GGXX: AC+ Ending)
hakumen-kokonoe.png (498669 bytes)
Hakumen & Kokonoe
bbcs-magazine.png (906855 bytes)
"Blazblue Project" Magazine
bbcs-special-illustration-bday.png (1150485 bytes)
 Taokaka, Litchi & Ragna
gg2overture-rare.jpg (935787 bytes)
Guilty Gear 2 Overture Rare Artwork
bbcs-special-illustration-tager.png (1108833 bytes)
Blazblue: CS Special Illustration
bbcs-special-illustration-lunch.png (1414145 bytes)
Noel, Makoto & Noel eating lunch
kykiske-holyordersol.jpg (417865 bytes)
Ky Kiske & Holy Order Sol
aba-holyordersol.jpg (483939 bytes)
A.B.A. & Holy Order Sol

ino-baiken-millia.jpg (259078 bytes)
I-No, Baiken & Millia
zato-and-millia.jpg (92324 bytes)
Zato-1 & Millia Rage
may-and-jam.jpg (164171 bytes)
May & Jam - Guilty Gear X
carl-vs-relius-bbcs.png (1172520 bytes)
Carl VS Relius
rachel-ragna.png (644286 bytes)
Ragna & Rachel
litchi-arakune-special-illustration.png (1011759 bytes)
Arakune & Litchi
bbcs-jin-bang-makoto.jpg (129193 bytes)
Jin, Bang & Makoto
ashley-and-olivia.jpg (154897 bytes)
Ashley & Olivia
 blade-strangers-poster-art-by-kinu-nishimura.jpg (240889 bytes)
PBlade Strangers
Poster Art (by Kinu Nishimura)
virtua-fighter-remix-artwork-by-katsuya-terada.jpg (298226 bytes)
 Virtua Fighter Remix Artwork (by Katsuya Terada) 
persona4-cool-group.jpg (730280 bytes)
Persona 4 Arena Group Poster
 dio-vs-jotaro-tall.jpg (236508 bytes)
Dio VS Jotaro (Tall Poster)
teddie-rise-elizabeth-p4au.jpg (219426 bytes)
Teddie, Elisabeth & Rise (Persona 4 Arena Ultimax)
sofia-ellis-tracy.jpg (148224 bytes)
Sofia, Ellis & Tracy - Toshinden 2
master-uranus-vermillion-toshinden2.jpg (173924 bytes)
Master, Uranus & Vermillion - Toshinden 2
toshinden2group-sho.jpg (176400 bytes)
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Poster
brad-goh-akira.jpg (852361 bytes)
Akira, Brad & Goh (VF4: Evo Poster)
brad-and-goh-evol.jpg (235596 bytes)
Goh & Brad (VF4: Evo Poster)
ehrgeiz-poster-godhand-jo-lee-shuwen.jpg (81212 bytes)
Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring Poster
ehrgeiz-guidebook.png (533359 bytes)
Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring guidebook
projectxzone-boxart.jpg (264028 bytes)
Project X Zone box artwork
rumblefish2artwork.jpg (232891 bytes)
The Rumble Fish 2 Chibi Artwork
alvinlee-umvc3-poster-lines.jpg (613025 bytes)
Ultimate MVC3 Poster - Lines Only (by Alvin Lee)
hokutonoken-arc-system-works-group.jpg (393208 bytes)
Hokuto No Ken (2005) Group
jojos-araki.png (2374230 bytes)
JoJo collage
(by Araki Hirohiko)
hyrule-warriors-key-artwork.jpg (259376 bytes)
Hyrule Warriors Key Artwork
filia-vs-peacock2.jpg (133668 bytes)
Skullgirls - Filia VS Peacock
xuan-dou-zhi-wang-chibi-art.png (505926 bytes)
Xuan Dou Zhi Wang (King of Combat) Chibi Artwork
 ki1-jago-orchid.jpg (61628 bytes)
Orchid & Jago (KI)
ki2-kimwu-tusk.jpg (61380 bytes)
Kim Wu & Tusk
ki-riptor-orchid.jpg (86696 bytes)

Riptor VS Orchid (KI)
ki2-combojago.jpg (61270 bytes)

T.J. Combo VS Jago (KI2)
ki2-orchidfulgore.jpg (81075 bytes)
Orchid VS Fulgore (KI)
ki1-chiefthunder-combo.jpg (55652 bytes)
Chief Thunder & T.J. Combo (KI)
ki1-cinder-spinal.jpg (56529 bytes)
Cinder & Spinal (KI)
ki1-eyedol-spinal.jpg (46534 bytes)
Eyedol VS Spinal
ki2-jago-glacius.jpg (75245 bytes)
Jago VS Glacius (KI2)
ki2-sabrewulf-jago.jpg (71964 bytes)
Sabrewulf VS Jago (KI2)
mortalkombat2-group.jpg (146110 bytes)
Mortal Kombat II Classic Poster
jjba-capcom-artwork.jpg (300305 bytes)
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (1998) Poster
eijikayin.jpg (57469 bytes)
Kayin & Eiji - Toshinden
ki2-kimwumaya.jpg (65803 bytes)
Kim Wu VS Maya (KI2)
ki2-jago-fulgore.jpg (84610 bytes)
Jago VS Fulgore (KI2)
castle-curseofdarkness.jpg (491844 bytes)
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness poster
castlevania-judgment-launch-poster.jpg (273353 bytes)
Castlevania: Judgment Launch Poster

Castlevania_Harmony_of_Despair_Full_Poster.jpg (185386 bytes)
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Poster
spiderman-vs-strider-artwork.jpg (108785 bytes)
Spiderman VS Strider Hiryu
gambitrogue-space.jpg (224980 bytes)
Gambit & Rogue