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Soul Calibur VI - Ver 1.20 Official Patch Notes


Today, Bandai Namco rolled out version 1.20 of Soul Calibur VI, downloadable now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. The update includes compatibility support of the paid DLC3 Creation Parts Set A: "Armor Pack 1" along with improvements to matchmaking, a new weapon select option on the character selection screen, gameplay adjustments, and updates to Libra of Soul mode. The full patch notes in their entirety can be read below.

SOUL CALIBUR 6 - Update Ver. 1.20 
*Please note that once patch is applied, the replay data from the previous version can no longer be used due to the gameplay fixes and improvements.

This update includes compatibility support of the paid DLC3 Creation Parts Set A: “Armor Pack 1” that is available for PS4, Xbox One and STEAM

Additional Creation Parts

The following Creation Parts will be added for everyone after applying this update.

  • Sailor Shirt
  • Boy’s blazer
  • Girl’s blazer
  • Student’s Coat
  • Student’s Slacks
  • Student’s Cap
  • Duffel Bag
  • Leather Loafers

Additional Functions

Weapons can be selected by pressing the □ button while the cursor is set on the regular character in the character selection screen.

*The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation 4 version.

*The different weapons are cosmetic in nature as they do not provide any changes in weapon performances.

In the VS screen before the battle, the stage name will be displayed on the upper screen center. If “RANDOM” is selected in the stage selection, “RANDOM” will be displayed instead of the stage name.

Gameplay adjustments

When the creation character frame is selected in the character selection screen, the cursor’s previous position is memorized.

Fixed the instance in which when a “RANKED MATCH” is found while in standby mode in TRAINING”, the command input would still be active during the match.

When using the command record in the “TRAINING”, the recording can be started by pushing the “R3” button and can be stopped with the “L3” button.

*The aforementioned button refers to the PlayStation®4 version.

Some of the texts has been correction.

General stability has been improved.


The appearance of “Partial Shadow Leg Guards” and some pants parts (“Arabian Slacks”, “Slacks”, “Slops”, “Cropped Pants”, “Prayer Pants”) will be modified. This is to avoid parts clipping through each other.

Fixed instances in which the discrepancy between the creation screen and actual gameplay screen regarding the “Haunted Long” hair color selection. Parts that can be assigned the “Haunted Long” hair color will be increased to 2.

Fixed instances in which the discrepancy between the creation screen and actual gameplay screen regarding the “Bad Boy Grunge” hair color selection.

Fixed the appearance of the chest area when “Fetching Leotard” and “Parlor Blouse” are both equipped at the same time.

Fixed the appearance of the back of the head when “YoRHa No.2 Hair” and “Wizard's Hat” are equipped at the same time. 

When “Cyclone Bikini” and “Raven Leather Leggings” are both equipped at the same time, “Cyclone Bikini” was partially cut off. Changing the creation system so that these parts will cannot be equipped at the same time.

Fixed the unintended change of Xianghua’s head skin color of when her hair is removed.


LIBRA OF SOUL Adjustments

In “Currency Exchange”, the exchange rate from G to SP will be changed from “5000G ⇒ 100SP” to “1000G ⇒ 100SP”.

The amount of gold consumed via “Exploration” will be changed from “30G every 100km” to “20G every 100km”. The amount necessary to go through the obstacles (ocean, dessert, mountains, etc.) will also be lowered.

The amount of gold obtained when clearing the following missions will be increased.

  • The main story fight against
  • The request for sealing the Astral Fissure.
  • “All That Glitters” (random encounter during exploration)
  • “The Duel” (triggered randomly on the world map)


The strength of the following enemies will be reduced :

  • NPC bosses
  • Strong NPCs that appear during the request for sealing the Astral Fissure.

Fixed instance in which the character’s hair changes when performing a Soul Charge during battle if “Lost Soul (Winged): Male” is chosen as with the default hairstyle.

Adjustments for the PlayStation 4 version

The “button confirmation screen” in the OPTION menu’s controller settings can be closed with the “Touchpad” or the “OPTIONS” button.

*This is to avoid the problem, that occurs in some of the arcade sticks, in which players would get stuck on the “button confirmation” screen being unable to quit without closing the application.


NETWORK Adjustments

Fixed instances in which the game would crash if older unsupported replay data was found in the “REPLAY” list when selecting “Battle Log” or “Favorites”.

The matching system will be improved by adding various rank thresholds. If an opponent is not found. When searching for an opponent in “RANKED MATCH”, an opponent with similar ranked will be searched, but if no one is found the search restrictions will be relaxed gradually until someone is found. First the system will search for an opponent with a small gap in rank, if the search is still negative the system will look for an opponent with a medium gap in rank and so forth until an opponent can be found. This way, the chances of finding someone at the player’s rank or close it becomes much higher.

*This is only relevant the PlayStation 4 and STEAM versions.

*For Xbox One there is no change as the search is done on the constructor side.

The obtained RP will be increased when the rank is lower than “G1” and winning against an opponent with a rank difference.

For battles in which players are between “C5” and “B1”, the amount of RP gained will be increased when fighting against an opponent lower than a certain rank.

The upper rank limit of the consecutive bonus application will be augmented from “G1” to “E1”. The scale factor to RP caused by the consecutive win will be increased. It is for those players who have capability to win consecutively in the current rank can go up faster to the rank with the players with similar skills.

In the “RANKED MATCH” and “CASUAL MATCH”, the filer “all” in the “language” and the “area” settings will be changed to “Other Regions”. This is a text correction only to give a better understanding of the filter without a change in its usage.

*Before this update, even if the filter is set to “all”, this does not mean that all the players become eligible for matchmaking. It means that all matchmaking is done among the players who selected the filter “all”.  As this is a source of misunderstanding, with this update we have changed the name of the filter.

*We are investigating any other unexpected issues in an orderly fashion. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Online Violation

Providing a safe and fun gaming experience for players all around the world is one of our core pillars which why we follow strictly our company policy which is to BAN players that violated the agreed upon rules. We will continue to enforce this policy.


Regarding the Future Update

NETWORK Adjustments

The following corrections will be made in order to improve the matching quality of “RANKED MATCH” by enhancing the network stability and the match making process as to reduce the rank gap between opponents.

1. The removal of “language” and “area” filters.

2. Setting the “ping/connection” filter to “more than 4 bars” by default.

In “RANKED MATCH”, we are planning remove the limits of the rematch option in order for players to continue playing against an opponent they enjoyed matching the first time.

Fixing the instance in which the players would be unable to progress if a player would leave the lobby in “CASUAL MATCH”.

In “REPLAY”, we will be adding the function of deleting old replay data which is no longer supported.

*We are continuously checking and investigating any other potential issues.

Once again, the Creation Parts update (DLC3) is now live. Below are some preview images of new items featured in the update - which consist of 67 new pieces of customization equipment along with Soul Blade and Soul Calibur background music for use on stages.




Stay tuned on FightersGeneration.com for continued coverage of SoulCalibur VI.

Source:  Bandai Namco EU
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