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2B Joins SoulCalibur VI on December 18th, Version 1.10 Patch Notes


2B's highly anticipated fighting game debut is about to commence in SoulCalibur VI... the star of NieR: Automata will bring her stylish and futuristic moveset to SCVI on Tuesday, December 18th. Additionally, Bandai Namco has posted the full patch notes for the upcoming 1.10 balance update - which will be releasing on December 17th. This handy list of 1.10 patch notes (PDF) contains a fully detailed list of character-specific updates (with easy to locate buffs/nerfs), system changes, and bug fixes.

Below is a recap of 2B's announce trailer, official artwork by Takuji Kawano, SoulCalibur VI's Season Pass roadmap, 50+ HD screenshots, and Bandai Namco's stream archive of 2B gameplay.





Mission: eliminate hostile entity known as Soul Edge. 2B from NieR: Automata joins the battle of souls and swords in SOULCALIBUR VI! Wielding her signature swords, the combat android will keep on fighting until her task is completed. Release date will be announced soon!


  • DLC1 - Playable Character A:  Legacy Character Tira

  • DLC2 - Playable Character B:  Guest Character 2B

  • DLC3 - Creation Parts Set A:  TBA

  • DLC4 - Playable Character C:  TBA

  • DLC5 - Creation Parts Set B:  TBA

  • DLC6 - Playable Character D:  TBA

Below is the first SoulCalibur VI gameplay footage of 2B from Dengeki's livestream on November 8th. The livestream features Bandai Namco's Motohiro Okubo, Square Enix's Yosuke Saito, composer Keiichi Okabe, and Yoko Taro. 


(click image to open full-sized version in new window)




soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot17.jpg (268760 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot18.jpg (176618 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot19.jpg (183131 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot20.jpg (290987 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot21.jpg (216616 bytes)
soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot24.jpg (420765 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot25.jpg (211847 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot26.jpg (245633 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot27.jpg (285720 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot28.jpg (315752 bytes)
soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot31.jpg (175109 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot32.jpg (246213 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot33.jpg (281858 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot35.jpg (182657 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot30.jpg (191069 bytes)
soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot36.jpg (360642 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot37.jpg (190051 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot38.jpg (380285 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot40.jpg (369174 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot34.jpg (221584 bytes)
soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot41.jpg (283213 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot42.jpg (308293 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot43.jpg (335084 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot44.jpg (211131 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot45.jpg (286663 bytes)
soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot46.jpg (337717 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot47.jpg (251840 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot48.jpg (317734 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot49.jpg (341603 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot50.jpg (308775 bytes)

soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot.jpg (235460 bytes)
      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot2.jpg (341377 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot3.jpg (271481 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot4.jpg (436353 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot5.jpg (319340 bytes)
soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot6.jpg (286103 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot7.jpg (316426 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot8.jpg (320314 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot9.jpg (406563 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot10.jpg (252089 bytes)
soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot11.jpg (304868 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot12.jpg (387882 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot13.jpg (405097 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot15.jpg (336980 bytes)      soulcalibur6-2b-screenshot39.jpg (523498 bytes)

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