Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

SFV Concept Artwork For Guile's Boss, R. Mika's Wrestling Comrades & Shadaloo Cyborg


(First off, we're back from vacation! So thanks for your patience on this past week's fighting game news.) Capcom's CFN Portal has posted the latest batch of SFV concept artwork, providing a closer look at some lesser known characters in the Street Fighter universe. Included are wrestlers from the Iwashi Ga Hama Japan Women's pro-wrestling division, along with Guile's boss (Byron Taylor) and a Shadaloo cyborg. 

Let's begin with Guile's boss (who is seen in the background of Guile's SFV stage). His name is Byron Taylor and he's a General in the Air Force. He hates Shadaloo, is an expert on Commando Sambo, puts his work before anything else, and is originally from Texas.

Below, meet some female wrestlers from the Iwashi Ga Hama Japan Women's pro-wrestling division. You can check out each character's bio at CFN Portal. Even though it's written in Japanese, you can find out some extra details on these wrestlers using Google translate.

sfv-concept-art-female-wrestler.jpg (73800 bytes)     sfv-concept-art-female-wrestler2.jpg (79017 bytes)     sfv-concept-art-female-wrestler3.jpg (79871 bytes)     sfv-concept-art-female-wrestler4.jpg (82325 bytes)
sfv-concept-art-female-wrestler5.jpg (73934 bytes)     sfv-concept-art-female-wrestler7.jpg (81905 bytes)     sfv-concept-art-female-wrestler6.jpg (81788 bytes)     sfv-concept-art-female-wrestler8.jpg (77242 bytes)
(click image to open full-sized version in new window)

Last but not least, here's a Shadaloo cyborg who has the ability to scan other fighters and copy their moves (similar to the cyborgs from SF2: The Animated Movie).

Will any of these characters make it to the SFV roster down the road? That is currently unknown, but you never know. Stay tuned.

[UPDATE] A few days after this article was posted, Capcom's CFN Portal released some additional concept artwork for Guy, Maki & Yun, along with "Zombie" costumes and unused character designs.

Sources:  Capcom (CFN)Eventhubs
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