Rainbow Mika
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Mika Nanakawa wanted to become a female pro wrestler in a Japanese pro wrestling circuit. To promote her image, she decided to travel around the world to fight worthy opponents, and to find her idol Zangief. Her trainer's name is Yoko Harmageddon and appears in some of R. Mika's win poses. After the psycho drive was destroyed in SFA3, Mika made her debut as a professional wrestler. In SFV, Mika fights alongside her tag-team partner, Yamato Nadeshiko.
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Street Fighter Alpha 3

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, Street Fighter Alpha: Anthology, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Street Fighter X Tekken


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Page Updated:  Sept. 1st, 2015

Rainbow Mika is the one and only female wrestler of the Street Fighter series. As one of the most interesting & dynamic 2D fighting game characters at the time of her debut (1998), she definitely still makes WWE Divas look like jobbers (although they usually do that quite well on their own). R. Mika has an awesome variety of grapple techniques, many unique attacks, and her famous "flying butt attack" never fails to be epic. She can even bring a wrestling ring into the midst of a fight (somehow - maybe Hugo pushes the ring in for her), just to leap onto it and slam her opponents to the ground... gotta love it!

R. Mika is like a speedy, dynamic Zangief... she has so many tricks if you know how to use her. In fact, Mika happens to be my #1 main in SFA3, and yes, I'm beyond ecstatic to see her return in SFV!!! Her revamped moveset and brand new WWE-inspired throws are TOO HYPE. GET F*CKIN' HYPE... BECAUSE R. MIKA SAID SO. 

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