Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Street Fighter V Alex Video Roundup: Combos, Setups, Compilations & More!


It's been only half a week since Alex joined the SFV roster, but the Street Fighter community has already uploaded a plethora of content starring the SF3 veteran. Instead of posting separate articles for each and every Alex video, how about one single page packed with the best of the best SFV Alex content? With that said, enjoy TFG's SFV Alex video roundup for your educational and entertainment purposes.

Let's kick it off with one of the most renowned Street Fighter combo video creators: Desk. To start off, Desk's "Alex Megamix" video provides an awesome animation comparison between original SF3 Alex & SFV Alex. Also don't miss Desks's "SFV VS SF4 vs SF3" comparison video done in the same fashion, along with his own SFV Alex combo / strategy video.



Looking for Alex basic & advanced combos? Resets? Setplay options? Marlonlonmilk and DaFeetLee have you covered.


Another option if you're starting off with Alex, SupermanSajam's Alex breakdown... if you enjoy the type of video with commentary throughout.

Here's some other nasty stuff worth seeing... a meaty corner setup option by Drekerrr, followed by a mean Air Stampede setup from DaFeetLee.


That's it for now... if any worthwhile videos pop up in the next few days, we'll add them here. And remember, you can always... y'know... experiment with the new character and discover things on your own (like us old-timers used to do in the old days)!

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