Red Earth / Warzard

:  Red Earth takes place on an alternate version of Earth sometime in the 14th century (1999 in the Japanese version) where the world did not experience any technological revolutions or Renaissance and was still in a medieval/mythological state. A new country has risen by the evil Scion, who sends out various monsters to take over the world. Four heroes emerge to defend earth.

Kinda has that Gauntlet aura about it.

ABOUTRed Earth (known as Warzard in Japan) was the first title to run on Capcom's CPS-3 hardware, the first Capcom system that uses a CDRom instead of expensive EPROMs to hold the game data (about 50MB).

Leo VS Ravange.

In Red Earth there are four selectable heroes and eight bosses. There are two game modes, Quest and Versus. In Versus Mode, you and a friend fight against each other, but you can only choose from the four main characters. In Quest Mode, you can still only choose one of the four hero characters, but you play against the eight boss characters.

Battle of the Beasts!

Red Earth also uses a special password system that allows the player to play the game later on the same skill level he reached when it ended the last time. The character is able to "learn" special attacks depending on the skill level that has been reached.


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Page Updated: September 16th, 2014
Developer(s): Capcom
Publisher(s): Capcom
Artwork by: Akiman, Shoei, Monkey-Chop, Daichan, Ikedai, Sakomizu, Edayan
Platform(s): Arcade
Release Date(s): November 21st, 1996
Characters Leo, Kenji, Tessa, Mai-Ling, Blade, Gigi, Hauzer, Hydron, Kongou, Lavia, Ravange, Valdoll

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Gameplay Engine


Story / Theme

 8.5 / 10

Overall Graphics

 8.5 / 10


 8.5 / 10

Music / Sound Effects

 8 / 10


 8 / 10

Art Direction

 9 / 10



Options / Extras


Intro / Presentation


Replayability / Fun


"Ouch" Factor



 8.5 / 10





Final Words:

Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten around to playing Red Earth. Since the game was never seen outside of the arcades, it is one of Capcom's most obscure titles. Still, I have a ton of respect for the character designs and art style. I also like using Leo, Hauzer and Kenji in Capcom Fighting Evolution.   ~TFG Webmaster