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Kenji is a mysterious ninja fighter from Zipang. He serves the Shogun of his homeland from the shadows, striking those who would seek to supplant him in secret. After witnessing Tanuma's monstrous transformation in Kongou he sets out to destroy the monsters that seek to throw the world, Zipang included, into chaos. He is known as Mukuro in Japan.
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Capcom Fighting Evolution, Card Fighters Clash, Card fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Sept. 16th, 2014

When Capcom does a ninja design, they do a f*ckin ninja design... that's for sure. Kenji is definitely one of the coolest damn ninjas I've ever seen, anywhere. His attire is badass to say the very least, and he's got some killer special moves. I have a ton of respect for his 2D character sprite. All of his animations have awesome "ooomph" as Kenji does everything all the way though. Some really good animations there!

I'd love to see Kenji return in a future Capcom cross-over game or something. He was cool in Capcom Fighting Evolution, but he deserves better. Much better. I'd love to see Capcom include some Warzard characters in a new Darkstalkers game or something... that'd be sick. Darkstalkers could use a ninja! Hmmmm. (Hey Capcom, it's okay if you steal my idea). ;)

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