A selection of unique video projects & compilations from TFG's YouTube. All videos were created by yours truly, TFG's Webmaster, Frank Yagami. Besides running FightersGeneration.com for nearly 2 decades, believe it or not... I actually play fighting games. :) I've been creating gameplay videos since I was a kid in the 90's (originally using a VCR to capture SNES footage). As you can probably tell, creating "video art" is something I still enjoy. Underneath each video is a basic description of each project, followed by some bonus "website exclusive" behind-the-scenes details. If you like what you see here and you'd like to support future TFG video projects, donations are welcome via Twitch/Streamlabs.


SoulCalibur 6 - Haohmaru Combo Movie (CMV)



"My first combo video of 2020! SamSho player since '93... SoulCalibur player since '98 ('95 if you count SoulEdge)... and somehow, I still love playing fighting games and making combo movies in 2020. Please enjoy my SC6 Haohmaru Combo Exhibition featuring over 100 combos! Haohmaru is an epic & fun character. Bandai Namco... SNK... please do more crossovers. THIS is why I still play fighting games."

Even if you're not a competitive SC6 player,
you should be able to enjoy watching this video. It's still amazing to me that SoulCalibur x Samurai Shodown actually happened... although I still very much want a full-fledged crossover title. PLZ BAMCO. Anyway, in addition to 100+ combos, you'll get to see Haohmaru fight against some pretty cool characters (customizations) in this one.  


Fighters Gen Plays: FFVII Remake Demo | Bombing Mission Comparison / Gameplay Compilation



"Fan since '97! You know I main TEKKEN & fighting games, but FF7 is part of who I am as a gamer. Out of pure love (and Mako energy), I put together this passion project compilation using FF7R demo (PS4 Pro) gameplay I recorded, spliced with the original PS1 Bombing Mission + trailers. Had fun doing Matrix-style R3 camera work, added a hot soundtrack (mix of original FF7 + FF7 Remake), and edited the hell out of this video until my laptop nearly overheated... so I hope FF7 fans enjoy this tribute!"


TEKKEN 7: ONE PUNCH Steve Fox - Epic Dodges Compilation



"One Punch Man Joins the Battle!"  You know the drill... Steve Fox. Epic dodges. Great music. Good @ss Tekken. Hope you enjoy my latest Steve compilation! ONE PUNCH Steve Fox "Episode 2" is planned for later this year!

TEKKEN 7 - Steve Fox Anti Leroy Punish Guide



Starting off 2020 right with a Tekken 7 punish guide to help you deal with Leroy's Wing Chun! Even if you're not a Steve main, this video will give you ideas on how to evade and deal with Leroy's offense & counters with your own character(s)!


TEKKEN 7 - Steve Fox Anti Negan Punishment Guide



"Getting bullied by Negan & Lucille in TEKKEN 7? Steve Fox is here to help. Dodges, top punishes & some combos too. Even if you're not a Steve main you can pick up some ideas on how to counter Negan's dastardly moves. If I missed anything, feel free to comment! This video took about 2 weeks to make... so I hope you guys enjoy it!"


TEKKEN 7 Gameplay Compilations / Ranked Sets



In these videos, I'm simply having fun with one of my favorite pastimes... playing TEKKEN. I usually multitask and do TFG website work while waiting for online matches. A well made, dynamic, balanced, and responsive fighting game like TEKKEN 7 (with great online) is the reason I still play fighting games competitively... and play them often. Practice pays off. Below, some long TEKKEN sets with a variety of players. I also like setting my videos with hand-picked background music from other games / series.




Throughout my life, the time I've put into TEKKEN has always rewarded me... especially after playing this game series for 20+ years.. Playing TEKKEN provides me a certain mental stimulation that I simply don't feel when playing any other types of games.




I also play a lot of Soul Calibur... same deal.





Fighting EX Layer - Skullomania Skullo Dream +
Shadowgeist ε. Nightmare (ALL VERSIONS)



"All normal & alt. versions of Skullomania's Skullo Dream and Shadowgeist's ε. NIGHTMARE in Fighting EX Layer, plus some "secret" moves... plus Alpha. Having fun with this game so far!"

Shoryuken.com Feature!  Link

Just a little compilation I threw together a few days after launch... I only wish I made it a tad longer. (Needs moar Skullo-slow-mo.) Fighting EX Layers brings back a lot of fond memories from the PS1 days. These super moves were always some of the most entertaining ones in the SFEX series. Arika delivered by bringing them back and exaggerating them in FEXL. Now it's time to win some matches with these. >:}


TEKKEN 7 - Steve Fox Dodge / Punish Guides Vs. Noctis



"CONTINUE? Welcome to my first punish guide for TEKKEN. I'm a firm believer that different people learn things in different ways. Personally, I learn from watching... not numbers. If you ever wanted to master Steve Fox in TEKKEN 7, this visual guide will teach you how to dodge & punish attacks properly - in this case, Noctis's entire moveset - all while listening to legendary Final Fantasy music. This guide is pretty comprehensive, but if I missed anything... feel free to share your tech in the comments section. If you enjoy this type of video, let me know in the comments and by hitting Like."

Shoryuken.com Feature!  Link

I designed this video to be enjoyable to watch even for non-diehard TEKKEN players. Final Fantasy fans should enjoy my music selection and Final Fantasy customizations. Fun Fact: This video required 250+ cuts and 150+ lines of text. It took a very long time in the editing lab. (Not my favorite type of video to make, but it was a learning experience.) If you have any suggestions or requests for future Tutorial videos from me, comment below! You can also support future content like this by Donating via Streamlabs / Twitch: https://streamlabs.com/fighters_gen


TEKKEN 7: STEVE FOX - Epic Dodges & Sidesteps Compilation 2018  




"From the creator of the original TEKKEN Steve Fox Compilation (reaching nearly 1 million views on YouTube)... the long-awaited TEKKEN 7 2018 edition features over 30 minutes of badass dodges, counters, sidesteps, crazy slow-mo moments, and insane comebacks with Steve Fox. I hope you find it to be worth the 7 year wait. Stay tuned until the end of the video for a message from yours truly.

I'm proud of this one... My best video to date, for sure. Lost count of how many hours I put into perfecting this video, from the visual & audio quality, to the music syncing with the action, to the particular moments that made the cut... this video pretty much took over my life for a couple of months. But hey, I love TEKKEN. This video is my love letter to the series. 700.000 views for Steve Fox and the best fighting game out right now? Worth it. :) This is also the first time I launched a "teaser trailer" for one of my videos. 


Fighting EX Layer (Beta) Combo Video: Kairi, Allen & Skullomania



"TFG presents a Fighting EX Layer combo video starring Allen Snider, Kairi and Skullomania. For each character, I cover a wide variety of combos: beginner, intermediate, cross-ups, jump-ins, corner, etc. I didn't try to break the game during the beta... instead, I focused on combos that I think will make the cut to the final version of the game. If you plan on learning any of the above characters, definitely take a look at these combos. Hope all you SFEX originals enjoy my latest CMV!"

Shoryuken.com Feature!  Link

I usually add music to my combo videos and properly mix the volume levels... but the FEXL beta didn't have sound or music options, so the in-game sound had to stay. Anyway, I quite enjoy fighting game betas (even if I can't connect to many online matches). It's all about getting an early start in  practice mode and experimenting with the new combo system. So fun and addicting. FEXL is all about classic SFEX gameplay and combos, but obviously the game could use some polishing. I think it has potential.


SFV - "Aegis Ambition" : 99 URIEN COMBOS!!



"99 Urien Combos... 1 video. Need I say more? Aegis Ambition features 99+ SFV Urien combos of varying different difficulty levels and in a wide variety of situations, such as:  Counter Hit, Crush Counter, Anti-Air, Corner Combos, Reflector Combos, and also some surprises. Aegis Ambition also debuts an ultra- unique "Combo Counter" which will inform you on how many combos have been performed as you're watching! (I believe it's the first of it's kind?)"

Shoryuken.com Feature!  Link

Relearning my 3rd Strike main was fun. I think Urien is easily one of the best characters in the game in terms of moveset design and "authentic translation" from a prequel. So I've been playing SFV for over a year (since beta #1), and while I've taken semi-long breaks... I gotta say SFV has been a lot of fun to come back to, as Capcom's latest updates have significantly improved things. This video also debuts TFG's new fire intro cinematic! ;)


KOF XIV: K' Komprehensive Kombo Kompilation



"Sit back, relax, and enjoy my first KOF XIV combo video! The K' is a combo beast. I've always enjoyed using him since way back in KOF '99 and his KOF XIV iteration is too sick. As usual, I aimed to make this video enjoyable watchable from beginning to end. ;) Enjoy the classic soundtracks and stay tuned for some "unexpected" special combos at the end."

Shoryuken.com Feature!  Link

 See... this is why K' gets such a good rating on TFG. I've been playing KOF XIV for a little over a week and I've spent most of the time learning K'. Pretty overwhelming considering the combo potential of just 1 character in a game of 50 characters. I definitely enjoy KOF XIV's combo system more than I thought I would... now I just gotta (fully) learn two more characters and I'll have my team ready! lol. 


SFV - Necalli: "Beast of Divinity" Combo Video + Storyline Theory! 



"TFG presents a "Double Impact" Street Fighter V video. Part 1 is a comprehensive Necalli combo video featuring basic to advanced combos (beta 4 gameplay). This combo exhibition will surely assist any player interested in learning how to use Necalli. Part 2 is a storyline theory comparing Necalli with another well-known Street Fighter character that he may be connected to. As always, I hope you enjoy the video in more ways than just one. Sit back, relax, and feel free to comment about the Necalli storyline theories I brought up (or we can talk combos)."

Shoryuken.com Feature!  Link

 I wasn't sure what I thought about Necalli when I first saw him... but he definitely grew on me as a design. After randomly deciding to learn Necalli in the 4th beta, I planned on just releasing a few match videos (which I also did), but I went ahead and got enough footage for a whole combo video (because hey, I was practicing his combos anyway). Then I bought a $269 Necalli statue from Pop Culture Shock (because it looks absolutely badass), and got a few more to sell later. So yeah, I guess you can say I'm now officially a Necalli fan. :)


SFV - R. Mika Epic Combos: "Drop The Mic!"



"TFG presents a SF5 R.Mika CMV / Combo Tutorial! This video was created during the 2nd SFV beta test. Combos are subject to change? (I hope not.) My returning SFA3 main pro-rasslin' gal is as fun to use as ever. And that's the bottom line... because Rainbow said so. Gameplay & Editing by F.Yagami of FightersGeneration.com."

Shoryuken.com Feature!  Link

It's awesome seeing one of your old fighting game mains return after 15+ years of being out of the ring. R. Mika was indeed my main in SFA3... we took many jabroni's down to roody poo lane together, and they sure weren't expecting it, since R. Mika was very much an underdog type of character. So happy to see her back... so I made this video. :)


Tekken World Wrestling: King Revolution



"Tekken is a completely different game depending on which character you are using. When I use King... Tekken is a WWF Attitude era wrestling game, where winning is glorious!!! I hope all pro-wrestling fans & fellow King / Tekken players will enjoy watching this video compilation as much as I enjoyed making it!"

 I've been watching pro-wrestling on & off since I was a little kid in the 80's... Like any true 80's / 90's kid, I have a few handfuls of favorite wrestlers (and theme songs). I also have fond memories of the late 90's "WWF Attitude" era... sadly, pro-wrestling will never be that good again. Anyhow, any wrestling aficionado can appreciate King's badass moves & play-style in the Tekken series. Back in Oct. 2014, I polished up my King... took him through the Tekken Revolution ranks online... and released this video in December 2014. Three months of hard work went into this thing (but I loved every minute)! Over 150,000+ views!


Tekken - Feng Wei : Badass & Stylish Replays Compilation



"From the creator of "Steve Fox Epic Dodges & Sidesteps" and "Epic & Badass Lars Moments" compilations, comes TFG's biggest Tekken compilation to date! The Chinese Kenpo Master, Feng Wei, indeed deserves his very own compilation. In the video, I demonstrate the many dynamics of Feng's play style, including: movement, evasion techniques, sidestepping, footsies, mix-ups, stance transitions, etc."

 After compiling a ton of footage in June / July 2014... I knew it was time for a Feng Wei compilation. The crazy thing is, I didn't even use all of my footage, but I had to END the video (or else it might've gone over 30 minutes). lol. While this video is a long one, I tried to make it watchable from beginning to end! So proud that this reached over +100,000 views!



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