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The King of Fighters: All Star x TEKKEN 7 Crossover Begins Soon, Official Character Artwork


It might be a while before a true "KOF x TEKKEN" crossover fighting game ever gets announced (one can dream), but Netmarble's hit mobile RPG / beat-em-up KOF: All Star is about to kick off the first ever crossover event between these two iconic series. Netmarble released KOF: All Star x TEKKEN 7 poster artwork, clean HD character illustrations for the playable TEKKEN cast, and Battle Cards "coming soon" to the game (see it all below)! Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi, Armor King, Ling Xiaoyu, and Paul Phoenix are confirmed as playable characters. 

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According to Netmarble's official site, the crossover will begin Nov. 19th - Dec. 9th in the Japanese and Korean versions. Since the English version of KOF: All Star launched only last month, it's uncertain if the TEKKEN crossover event begins at or around the same time. Until then, enjoy all of the gorgeous HD artwork!







Several stages from TEKKEN 7 will also be coming to KOF: All Star. On October 31st, KOF: All Star celebrated 5 million downloads in under 1 week. Also check out Netmarble's official site for the crossover. And for your convenience, here's the official link where you can download KOF: All Star: DOWNLOAD LINK.

[UPDATE] Watch official gameplay trailers for the playable TEKKEN cast HERE.
 Source:  Netmarble Official Site    

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