A green skinned alien with a cone-shaped head who is quite the joker and fights with plasma yo-yos. He hails from the planet of the same name (though not the one we know in our solar system). On his planet, he is a street performer and after hearing of his planet's downfall to the Fourth Empire, he goes to defeat the tyrant, Bilstein. He is the same race as Prince.

Star Gladiator


Plasma Sword, Card Fighters Clash DS



Page Updated:  Feb. 6th, 2014

A cone-head in a fighting game... loosely based on Star Wars? Really Capcom? LOL. Clever in a way (if they really meant to parody the movie Coneheads). In a way, Saturn was a decent comic relief character in the series, but that doesn't help him from looking kinda stupid also.  He's definitely one of the most bizarre-looking Capcom character designs of all time.

On a side note: When Bengus was drawing Saturn's mouth, I'm pretty sure he was using a picture of Dee Jay for reference. ^o^ Same exact smile. XD

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