The royal prince of the planet Saturn, Saturn Kuida-Ore the 3rd, fights with a special set of yo-yos and his own style of elegant performances. He grew jealous of Saturn as he got more attention from the citizens. After adopting the alias, Prince, he allies himself with Bilstein and uses the empire's influence as a front for chasing his rival.

Star Gladiator

Plasma Sword


Page Updated:  Nov. 14th, 2012

Yikes.... Behold yet another "WTF Capcom" moment. At first glance, he's a pretty stupid and visually disturbing design. To state the obvious, Capcom really went off the wall with this one. Perhaps tall green aliens from other galaxies may call this clothing attire "normal"? ... okay, I get your point Capcom. Still, what a weird-ass design.

On a side note: ...or rather, a word of warning: Don't stare at the creature too long or it will give you nightmares. lol.

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