Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 

Street Fighter V Celebrates 5th Anniversary


On this day 5 years ago (2016), Street Fighter V  was released on PlayStation 4 and PC... Time flies huh? SFV will go down as one of the most ambitious titles in the history of the franchise, reimagining many Street Fighter icons in vibrantly-animated 3D graphics utilizing Unreal Engine 4. No doubt many of the series' most memorable characters saw their most fleshed out and elaborate versions to date in SFV. The initial launch of SFV was met with mixed results with many fans feeling that the game lacked content. However, since 2016, Capcom's numerous updates over the past demi-decade revitalized, redefined, and practically relaunched SFV several times over by adding new mechanics, game modes, story content, and a much larger cast of fighters with Arcade Edition (2018) and Champion Edition (2020/2021) enhancements.

Yoshinori Ono did keep his promise. You still only need 1 disc to enjoy all SFV content, 5 years later! :)

Not many fighting games in history have managed to stay competitively relevant for 5 years strong, with Capcom still supporting the game and adding new SFV Season 5 content here in 2021. Following the footsteps of the incredibly successful SF4, it's even more impressive that Capcom was able to keep the momentum going with another competitive hit. While keeping a strong foundation and respect to the series roots, SFV brought many new ideas and innovation to the table, and became undeniably popular for players and spectators during its 5-year run in eSports.

The early beta version of SFV launched with six characters.

Once again, Dan Hibiki will join the roster next Monday on February 22nd, 2021. Dan will be followed by DLC characters Rose, Oro, Akira Kazama, and Eleven joining the roster in Season 5 later this year and into 2022. Street Fighter V has certainly come a long way and still appears to have some fight left in it. By the way, a free trial / demo version of SFV: Chamption dition is currently available for download on PS4 from Feb. 11th, 2021 until Feb. 24th, 2021.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of SFV, scroll down to enjoy some high-res SFV promo artwork from TFG's recently updated Art Gallery for the game.




Also check out TFG's Street Fighter V concept art and character art galleries. As always, keep it here on Fighters Generation for SFV Season 5 news & announcements!


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SFV: Champion Edition Rose & Dan Gameplay Preview, New Defensive Mechanic: "V-Shift"

During the SFV: Champion Edition Winter Update stream, Capcom revealed brand new gameplay footage of Dan Hibiki and showed several minutes of Rose as well. The trailer previews a decent portion of Rose's moveset on her reimagined SFA2 stage. Capcom showed around 5 minutes of Dan Hibiki gameplay as well, revealing many more details about his fighting style.
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