Tuesday, February 9th, 2021  

First Fighters Gen Vlog of 2021, Patreon Now Live


TFG Webmaster here... I'm usually working behind the scenes every day on this website to bring you the latest fighting game news, artwork, and entertainment. This month, I finally had some time to sit down for a new Fighters Gen Vlog! In my first vlog of 2021, I talk about recent SNK news, including my "reaction" to Iori's KOF XV reveal trailer and I even have a few announcements to make. #1) I'm doing an interview with Arc System Works on Guilty Gear -STRIVE-... coming soon! And #2) TFG now has a Patreon that just launched 2 days ago. I hope you enjoy my first vlog of the year, below. I'll be back with another vlog soon.

For 20+ years, I've been consistent and dedicated to making The Fighters Generation one of the best places on the internet for fighting games. For over a decade, I even operated this website at a financial loss... so it was never about making money. However, many other fan-websites have unfortunately disappeared over the years due to lack of support (most recently, Tekken Zaibatsu)... so I would greatly appreciate your help to keep The Fighters Generation going strong into the future.

Please consider supporting me and the longevity of this website on Patreon. I've got some very special and unique content planned for TFG's Patreon. More details coming soon. As always, I very much appreciate all of you around the world who visit The Fighters Generation website daily. Thanks for reading. I hope you continue to have a decent and safe 2021.


 Source:  Fighters Generation (YouTube)

SFV: Champion Edition Character Art by Tamio

Tamio is a character designer and illustrator who has worked on several Capcom games over the last decade, including Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Darkstalkers Resurrection, and most recently Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Tamio's illustrations were featured in the Capcom x UNIQLO t-shirt collaboration and the recent Street Fighter x Pocky collab. To celebrate 2021, Tamio created gorgeous new character art for SFV:CE's "boss" characters.
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