POSTED:  Thursday, February 11th, 2021                 (2-15-2021)

Guilty Gear -STRIVE- Character Starter Guides / Movelists


Last year, Arc System Works posted a series of Guilty Gear -STRIVE- character starter guides to prepare for the PS4 open beta. The upcoming PS4 / PS5 open beta launching on Feb. 17th (or 18th if you didn't pre-order) will include a much larger roster than the first beta. That said, Arc System Works' #8 / #9 starter guide videos, which provide a basic idea of how Zato and Millia function in gameplay and also show each characters MOVELIST, are now live. If you're planning to participate in the upcoming beta, don't forget to bookmark this page for a handy reference to get a leg up in the competition! [UPDATE] Added starter guides for all 13 characters appearing in the beta. Also take a look at the Basic Actions guide for an explanation of system mechanics.

  Character Guides #1-#7 are posted in TFG's previous article from April 2020. Guilty Gear -STRIVE- launches in early April 2021 on PS5, PS4, and PC.


 Source:  arcsystemworks (YouTube)

Guilty Gear STRIVE Match Vids Featuring Giovanna, Nagoriyuki, Ramlethal, Sol, Ky, Axl

Following Gamespot's 9 minutes of new Guilty Gear -STRIVE- gameplay footage from earlier this week, Arc System Works posted three brand new match videos previewing the latest build of the game. The matches include: Sol-Badguy Vs. Nagoriyuki, Ky Kiske Vs. Giovanna, and Axl Low Vs. Ramlethal. In addition to high level gameplay, these official match videos offer a closer look at two of the newest stages introduced in Guilty Gear -STRIVE-.
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