Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Jin Saotome Costume for Ryu & Mech Abigail Costume Coming to SFV: Arcade Edition's Extra Battle Mode


Through the form of unlockable / paid DLC costumes for SFV: Arcade Edition, Capcom continues to remind fans that they haven't completely forgotten about iconic characters who haven't appeared playable in fighting game in a very long time. Joining the ranks of Captain Commando, Viewtiful Joe, and June Lin Milliam, Cyberbots' own Jin Saotome will appear as a new crossover costume for Ryu. Additionally, a new mech Abigail costume will be added to Extra Battle mode this month. Below are some screenshots of the upcoming alternate costumes.



Also, beginning December 11th, Capcom will be offering a variety of new DLC costume bundles for SFV: Arcade Edition, featuring past Crossover costumes, Holiday costumes, and more. Head over to Capcom Unity for pricing and additional details.

Source:  Capcom Unity
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