Friday, September 21st, 2018

Soul Calibur VI - TGS '18 Gameplay Featuring Azwel, Astaroth, Lizard Man, Story & Creation Modes


New Soul Calibur 6 gameplay footage from Tokyo Game Show '18 has arrived. French Youtuber Hayate Ein was able to get his hands on the "final" version of the game early, as his latest videos walk us through the game's main menu and Libra of Soul mode. Worth mentioning, in story mode, the player ran into Lizard Man (with his returning / updated moveset), hinting that Lizard Man could be a playable character in SC6. (As you probably know by now, you can also create your own "Lizard warrior" using any fighting style in the game.)

Also take a look at the first raw gameplay footage of Azwel and Astaroth, below!


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Source:  Hayate EIN
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