Monday, November 12th, 2018

Dead or Alive 6 - Christie Reveal Trailer, Character Render, New "Road Rage" Stage


Back in October, Koei Tecmo revealed returning characters Bass, Tina, and Mila for Dead or Alive 6. Last week, returning veteran Christie was announced for DOA6, who shows off some new Shequan (Snake Fist Style) techniques in her official reveal trailer below. For some reason, Christie gets beat up quite a bit in her DOA6 trailer... which is an odd decision when reintroducing a classic character (and an odd choice for other reasons, but whatever). Additionally, a new stage called "Road Rage" makes its debut in Christie's DOA6 trailer, complete with cars that explode when fighters are knocked into them. Scroll further down for an HD screenshot of the new stage.

Below, take a closer look at Christie's updated appearance with her HD character render (also added to TFG's respective gallery for DOA6).



Dead or Alive 6 releases February 15th, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

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Source:  Koei Tecmo
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