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At the age of three, Soiree lost his parents to an accident and was raised in an orphanage along with Alba. The day he turned 14, he escaped the orphanage together with his brother and settled in Southtown. Fate, the city's boss at that time, took them under his wing, altering the wariness of the two brothers toward adults. Soiree believes that the only power is Alba's power. After Duke's defeat at Alba's hands, Soiree's dream for his brother to come to power is fulfilled, but he wonders what else there is for him to do. He still helps to protect Southtown and keep order by working with Alba and his men.

In KOF: Maximum Impact 2, Soiree's story has him encounter Luise Meyrink and Jivatma and this in turn cause him to become aware of the being called Judeim. He vanishes without a trace after Jivatma's defeat. Even though he wasn't at the finals, according to the official story, Alba was. However, the result of Soiree Meira's disappearance is still the same.
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Page Updated:  Feb. 11th, 2012

Look at this asshole... You serious SNK?! LOL. Yikes, where do I start with this guy? He wears a teal cowboy outfit and does Capoeira... Okay Falcoon/SNK, you get points for originality, but... that's pretty much the only points you get with Soiree... lol. There's just something wrong with this design. He'd be a bit cooler (a bit) if his outfit wasn't bright-ass teal. Soiree has a few cool moves & alternate outfits, but he's not very likeable. I'm actually surprised he made the cut to Card Fighters Clash DS... lol.

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