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Even amongst the elite troops of SOLDIER, Sephiroth is known to be the best. His past is locked away in a confidential file held by Shinra, Inc. His giant sword, which only he can handle, has extremely destructive power.

Notions of Sephiroth's apparent death are put into question when Cloud and his company AVALANCHE are detained in Shinra's headquarters. On the eve before a public execution, their cell doors are opened. A trail of blood leads the group to discover that President Shinra has been impaled by a sword confirmed to belong to Sephiroth. Cloud and his friends decide to pursue him.

Sephiroth's plan, revealed later in the Temple of the Ancients, is to drain the planet of its energy with the aid of the black materia and its cataclysmic power referred to as "Meteor." Aerith Gainsborough, the last Cetra, attempts to stop him with the white materia and its power, Holy. Aerith succeeds in summoning Holy, but Jenova, while in the appearance of Sephiroth, kills her before it can be activated. The white materia remains active, but unused. Later, Cloud procures the black materia, but is manipulated against his will into surrendering it to Sephiroth, who then summons Meteor and barricades himself inside Northern Crater, waiting for its arrival.

In the story's climax, the Northern Cave barrier is penetrated by Shinra's mako cannon, allowing Cloud and his party to descend into the crater for a final confrontation. Sephiroth manifests himself as "Bizzaro Sephiroth" and attacks. Upon being weakened, he transforms again into "Safer Sephiroth", a bizarre angelic figure. After being defeated again, Sephiroth's spirit makes a final mental assault upon Cloud within the Lifestream. However, Cloud has already rediscovered himself and Sephiroth is unable to attack. Cloud easily dispatches Sephiroth and leaves the Lifestream.
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Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring

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Page Updated:  Nov. 13th, 2015

Sephiroth is still one of the coolest and most memorable video game villains of all time.... He pretty much "made" FF7. Who would've thought this epic bad guy would've become so popular after Final Fantasy VII? I for one didn't expect it, but now every gamer knows who Sephiroth is right? Heh. Sephiroth's appearance and weapon simply spell out the word "BADASS" in caps... his cool, yet psychotic personality is truly unlike anyone else's... and his epic theme song is just the icing on the cake. Best RPG villain of all time? Definitely top 5. 

His appearance in Ehrgeiz wasn't quite as epic as his RPG appearances, but was certainly better than nothing. Just think, there would be no Sephiroth profile on TFG if he didn't appear in Ehrgeiz. :( Anyhow, I still dream of the day when Namco puts him (and Cloud) in Soul Calibur series. C'mon Namco! It only makes sense...

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