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The daughter of a wealthy British family, Elisabeth Braddock discovered that she had the mutant ability to read other's minds. Her talents led her to join the X-Men, where she learned to amplify and control her skills. A terrible accident in Japan left her near death, and through an ancient ritual her mind was placed in the body of Kwannon, a skilled ninja who also possessed limited psionic abilities. It took her some time to grow accustomed to her new body, but found the physical skills it possessed to be a great asset. Her mental powers had also increased, and she had the ability to form a "psychic knife" which she used to neutralize opponents without causing any physical damage. The other X-Men had to adjust to her new look as well, but now she is once again a trusted member of the group.
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X-Men: Children of the Atom

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Marvel Super Heroes, Marvel VS Capcom (assist Character), Marvel VS Capcom 2


Page Updated:  May 5th, 2019

Psylocke was one of the first ninja girls I ever had a crush on... (hey, I was like 8 years old then, gimme a break.) ^o^ Psylocke is probably one of the coolest ninja chicks of all time. She filled the "ninja girl" gap in the X-Men series, and in the Marvel universe as a whole. Her original appearance and style is iconic... and she spawned plenty of wannabes. For one, she pretty much inspired Ed Boon and Midway to basically "rip-off" her design to make Kitana's original outfit.

In the Capcom games, Psylocke shows off a badass fighting style with particularly dynamic animations. That Psylocke X-Men sprite definitely hit some poses and positions that no other fighting game character ever hit before. She was a solid character in every game she appeared in. In MVC2, she became notorious for being an assist character for Magneto (thanks to unique combo options). 

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