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Helena Douglas

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She is the daughter of Fame Douglas and a world class soprano singer who is an expert in Pi Qua Quan. While performing at the opera house, a shot was fired at her, but killed her mother instead. While trying to find the culprit, she learned that the murder of her mother is somehow related to the "Dead or alive World Combat Championship." She later found out that Ayane was the murderer. She now aspires to defeat her.

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Dead or Alive 2

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Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive 4, Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, Dead or Alive: Dimensions

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Page Updated: July 11th, 2013

Unlike some narrow-minded males, I don't judge a female character design by her bust size. Helena originally struck me as just another "generic" blonde with big boobs, created just for the sake of being blonde & having big boobs.... Boring. I don't see a defined artistic direction with this design, and neither her personality or fighting style are particularly enticing either.

In my opinion, Helena's fighting technique is a bit lacking... a lot of her moves lack the "ooomph" that I look for in a fighting style, and just come off as weak. In fairness, she has acquired a some better moves over the years, but I honestly just don't like her or her silly Sephiroth bangs. :/ If I told you any different I'd by lying to you. However, I can see how other people may like this design.

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