Hajime Busuzima



Busuzima is a scientific genius who is fascinated with experiments using live subjects, such as animals, humans and zoanthropes. He is the mastermind behind top assassins of the Tylon Corporation, including Uriko, Bakuryu and Shen Long

Though he worked for the Tylon research institute, Busuzima was never interested in Tylon's cause. He only worked for the conglomerate because it gave him easy access to the most sophisticated technology and equipment and the chance to experiment with live subjects. Through the years of experimenting with artificial zoanthropes, Busuzima altered his own genes and has perfected his zoanthrope abilities.

Bloody Roar 2


Bloody Roar 3, Bloody Roar 3: Primal Fury, Bloody Roar 4



Page Updated:  June 20th, 2013

I suppose he's decent as the "freak" for the series... Even though most of the characters in Bloody Roar are freaks anyway. His outfit designs are on the obnoxious side, and something about him just pisses me off. I think it's mainly his face.

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