Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Iconic Street Fighter 2 Series Artist, Mick McGinty, Has Passed Away 


If you grew up in the early 90's playing and admiring the revolutionary Street Fighter 2 series, there's no doubt you've seen and probably purchased a video game or two with Mick McGinty's vibrant artwork on the cover. Mick McGinty's iconic cover illustrations for Street Fighter 2, SF2: Turbo, and Super SF2 were an essential part of the series' localized western art style. We're terribly sad to hear about the passing of Mick McGinty today. Mick's son, Jobey McGinty, broke the news on Facebook earlier today sharing some touching words about his father. Jobey mentioned that his father was always striving to become a better artist even after a 50-year career, and mentioned he passed peacefully after losing his battle with cancer. To celebrate Mick's life, and the joy he has brought to many of us over the years, please enjoy a selection of highly influential Street Fighter series illustrations by the legend...

In addition to being an influential force in early video game artwork and defining the iconic look of the Street Fighter 2 series for western audiences, Mick McGinty also drew memorable cover illustrations for other popular games such as Streets of Rage II and III, Kid Chameleon, and Shining Force.

On behalf of The Fighters Generation and the fighting game community, thank you Mick McGinty for the many decades of joy and inspiration you've given us through your artwork. Rest in peace, legend. You can read more about Mick McGinty and see more of his work inside TFG's Fighting Game Artists Profiles Feature.
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