Thursday, February 25th, 2021    

Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash Announced for Switch


Akira Nishitani, legendary Capcom designer / director of Street Fighter 2 and Final Fight was in attendance during the recent Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable stream. During the stream, he announced a new Nintendo Switch version of Fighting EX Layer, called Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash. This version will remove the "Gouji deck" system and give characters new EX moves and systems (EX-Dash, EX-Arrow and EX-Illusion). The Switch version of the game (understandably) appears to have "toned down" graphics due to the hardware limitations. Check out the official trailer, below.

More information on Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash is coming in April 2021.


 Source:  Arika (YouTube)   

Street Fighter V Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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