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Rashid is a fighter from the Middle East who can harness the power of the wind. He has a keen interest in technology and the latest gadgets on the market, some of which he uses in his fighting style. He is the eldest son of a wealthy Middle Eastern family. His servant, Azam, accompanies him in many of his battles. Rashid's fighting style is based on his unique brand of Parkour and his ability to control the wind.


Street Fighter V

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, SFV: Champion Edition, Street Fighter 6

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Page Updated:  July 9th, 2022

Rashid isn't the typical Street Fighter character, although his gimmick seems to fit in with the original meta of the series. His floaty moves and superhero flying business take the "martial arts" vibe of 3rd Strike away... and into some fantasy future world where Rashid lives. For that reason, I'm not a huge fan of the character but that's just me. In some ways, I feel disconnected to this character. But I will say Rashid sparks the imagination... if you appreciate his powers. He's like a reimagined Aladdin. That said, I'd probably like Rashid more if I was about 11 years old when I watched that movie. lol.

Rashid is the definition of the continuation of SF4's "cartoony" era of Street Fighter... which continued in SFV in some ways with certain characters. Personality-wise, he's got weird JoJo vibes going on and over-the-top mannerisms. Likeable or annoying? It's debatable. Either way, he's original enough in the Street Fighter universe to stand out at least. Also, shoutouts to Shaheen... 2015 must be the year of new Arab fighters. ;) To compare the two characters, I think Shaheen looks cooler design-wise, but Rashid's fighting style is more defining to his character.

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