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G, the Man of Mystery, is the self-proclaimed “President of the World,” he suddenly appeared vowing to unite the citizens of Earth under his name. Although he is initially ignored, Rashid agrees with G’s cause and sets off to spread his message. Who is G? Are these his true intentions? Is G even human? There’s much more to him than meets the eye...

G's fighting style is described as "all martial arts from around the world." In a fiery move set that hints at his true nature, G is able to draw power from the Earth to improve his “Presidentiality.” With every level his Presidentiality increases, his special moves become stronger.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition



Street Fighter V: Champion Edition


Page Updated:  June 6th, 2022

"G" is an interesting Street Fighter design, right off the bat... err.. hat. Uncle Sam was always a tough-looking dude, so it's fitting (and nostalgic) for Capcom to take inspiration from an existing fictional character and make him their own. I'm actually glad to see Capcom still using this "formula" of years past... because it's possibly what they still do best after all these years of fighting games.

G's fighting style and moveset is intriguing and almost immediately likeable. He hits hard, and he looks cool doing it. Interestingly, many of his normal and special attacks take inspiration from Q... who seemingly "tries" to do some of G's moves, but is much sloppier of course (or completely falls flat on his face, of course). That said, there is definitely a story connection between G and Q, although we don't know the details just yet. All in all, Capcom did a great job with this character design.

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