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Hailing from Canada, Abigail first appeared in Final Fight (1989) as the boss of Metro City's Bay Area. He finally made his fighting game debut 28 years later in Street Fighter V in 2017. Like Hugo, Abigail is an extremely large fighter who takes some inspirations from pro-wrestling, although Abigail's fighting style is based more around striking and is simply known as "Brute Force". Abigail is 8'0" and weighs 584 lbs (while Hugo is 7'10" and 440 lbs). In Final Fight, Abigail was known for turning red and charging at opponents with a body strike.

When Mike Haggar's daughter Jessica was kidnapped by the gang, Cody and Guy took a shortcut through the Bay Area on their way to Belger's penthouse. It was there they encountered Abigail, who told them to cool down, stating that Jessica is having a "good time" with Belger. At this, Cody rushed to save Jessica from Belger's hands, leaving Guy behind to deal with Abigail. After a difficult fight, Guy managed to defeat Abigail.
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Street Fighter V

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition , SFV: Champion Edition

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Page Updated:  Mar. 7th, 2023

One of my favorite canonical elements of Street Fighter is its shared universe with 1989's Final Fight. Most FF icons who made their way to SF became instant fan-favorites. In Abigail's case, it took him 28 years to make his fighting game debut. It's no secret he was a "sprite clone" of Andore/Hugo, which is part the reason it took him so long. Abigail's SFV iteration reminds me of Abubo. (Ironically, their names are next to each other on TFG Characters now.) Capcom's "artistically exaggerated" muscular proportions in past games were always sensible, but SFV Abigail is a monstrosity. They definitely went over the top, in a "Pixar" sort of way. LOL.

Abigail was never that deep of a character in Final Fight, so Capcom took plenty of creative freedom with his SFV design. Overall, he has a very entertaining onscreen presence. His size is ridiculous; a character of this size (even 2D) would've added so much "slowdown" to an older fighting game, so Capcom did an impressive job making him even work in SFV! Abigail has tons of support animations and taunts, and his key special moves & animations from Final Fight actually made their way into his SFV moveset (major fan service for us old school Capcom fans). Some parts of his SFV design could've been better, but overall he's a very significant addition to the game.

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