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Hugo Andore
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Hugo Andore (pronounced An-Do-Ray) hails from a family of powerful German pro wrestlers. Hugo and several members of his family were prominent members of Mad Gear for many years. After being beat up by Cody, Guy and Haggar for so many years, Hugo decided that the criminal life was not for him. He entered the third World Warrior tournament, accompanied by his new wrestling manager and former Mad Gear member, Poison. His design was heavily inspired by the great "Andre the Giant" of WWE/WWF history. His first video game appearance was in Capcom's 2D beat-em-up, Final Fight (1989) as "Andore".

In the timeline of Street Fighter III, Hugo decided the criminal lifestyle was not for him, and entered the third World Warrior tournament. His friend and fellow former Mad Gear member, Poison, accompanied him as his manager. Hugo's goal in the third World Warrior tournament was was to find a suitable tag team partner.During the tournament, Hugo fought Ryu
and managed to continue fighting after being hit with a Shin Shoryuken. Hugo was eventually defeated, and even though Ryu became his temporary tag team partner, it seems that he failed in accomplishing his mission. After the tournament, Hugo and Poison also decided to start their own wrestling promotion, the Huge/Hyu Wrestling Army (HWA). Their main objective is to take over all of pro wrestling.
During  Ultra Street Fighter IV, Hugo was working as a construction worker after the Mad Gear gang dismantled. When a mob of former Mad Gear members came to him looking for a fight, he was uninterested. Instead, they found him feeling homesick, crying for his mother's potatoes. When one of the thugs says that he's like a potato himself and strikes him, Hugo becomes enraged and thrashes them all, deciding to go to S.I.N.'s new tournament to show his strength.

After defeating one of M.Bison's artificial beings in a wrestling ring, his former colleague Poison approaches him, offering to be his manager. Hugo declines, saying that he won't take orders anymore. Poison says that she won't be his boss, but that he could use her help because he has the brains of a potato. At this, Hugo becomes pensive. Poison interprets this as disinterest and announces that she'll leave him alone, as if she stays any longer she'll become a potato too. Hugo, excited, tells her that he will take her up on her offer and that she can be a potato too.
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Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact


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Final Fight: Revenge, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos, Street Fighter X Tekken, Ultra Street Fighter 4

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Page Updated:  Sep. 20th, 2023

I never thought one of the classic "baddies" from Final Fight would actually cross over to Street Fighter. My jaw pretty much hit the floor when I first saw Hugo in SFIII: 2nd Impact. He wasn't a very popular character back then, so Hugo's appearance in SF3 was a huge fan service for old school Capcom fans. Capcom kept his visual design nearly identical to his original Final Fight appearance, yet managed to fleshed him out further thanks to SF3's awesome art style. The 3rd Strike artists set out to create a huge, clumsy pro-wrestler, who looks slightly off balance at times, but hits very hard. It's sheer brilliance what they did with his animation and design in SF3.

The late great Andre The Giant is a legend... and Hugo (Andore) is a great homage to the iconic pro-wrestler. Andre deserved more than just being a generic Final Fight bad guy, and his Street Fighter appearances really make a statement. As one of the "biggest" big guys in Street Fighter, Hugo never fails to entertain the audience... just like Andre did. 

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