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Orville is a 6' 11" tall, large-framed man who is highly skilled in grappling and rushing attacks. He is a married man with one child and a retired professional wrestler. That is, until Greed came along. Ever since Greed's appearance, Orville has been itching to once again encounter Greed to fight him and test his formidable strength. One of his critical attacks gives him super armor. His special talents is being able to pinpoint the exact time down to seconds without the use of a clock. His favorite hobby is "Ironman racing".


The Rumble Fish


The Rumble Fish 2


Page Updated:  Jan. 25th, 2021

Orville's design is a mix of Dennis Rodman and maybe Clark Still. (He's got an annoying throw, like Clark. lol.) Hmm, he seems like he could be an Ikari Warrior... from the future? lol. Visually, Orville's outfit design is a bit overdone. (By the way, guy, your cup is supposed to go on the inside.) >_> It's funny because that piece can also get knocked off of him while fighting, along with his shirt. And on that note... the dude definitely goes to the gym. His 2D character sprite is pretty cool to watch in-game, as he's a cool anatomy study for the 2D graphics style of Rumble Fish.

Moveset-wise, he's got brutish, brawling attacks that you'd expect for a fighting game big guy... and a very, very annoying throw technique - as I mentioned earlier. His Mech- Zangief style super armor mode is also pretty cool.

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