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The final boss of The Rumble Fish. He appears as a large man with a white mane of hair. He is a merciless fighter who has reportedly taken the lives of many people. He first made his appearance in the same wrestling circuit Orville was participating in, seeking his prey. His original name was Rouge, and he used to be a close friend growing up alongside Zen Yuzuriha during their times in the Valor Gang. However, 6 years before the F.F.S. tournament, he eventually split from the group and annihilated the entire gang himself for unknown reasons. Soon after changing his name to Greed, he became the feared figure he was known as today.


The Rumble Fish


The Rumble Fish 2


Page Updated:  July 16th, 2022

Greed's visual design is pretty simple and not particularly original, but he makes up for it with his dynamic boss-mode attacks and cool fighting style. Some of his postures and poses remind me of Genjuro Kibagami, right along with his badass personality. Greed also has some similarities to Grant... with some "SNK boss syndrome" style attacks of his own. He's a bit annoying to fight against, but he looks cool while doing it.

Overall, Greed is a pretty solid boss for Rumble Fish. He's got cool martial arts-based aspects of his moveset and some really cool animations.

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