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TEKKEN 7 Lei Wulong & Anna Williams Classic & Alternate Costumes Screenshots, New Trailer


In addition to their new looks, Lei Wulong and Anna Williams will be getting alternate costumes in TEKKEN 7. The first two DLC characters of TEKKEN 7 Season 2 come with several unique (and customizable) costumes, including their "Classic" costumes. Along with his trademark TEKKEN 5 Kung-Fu attire, Lei shows off new Spec-Ops gear and a Chinese Kenpo uniform; while Anna Williams dons her signature red dress, a Sexy Pirate costume, and fuzzy jacket with shorts. Official screenshots below.

[UPDATE #1] Bandai Namco released a new TEKKEN 7 Season 2 Overview Trailer showing new costumes for Lei & Anna in action! The trailer also previews the new character & stage selection screens, updated menu UI, and other new features!

[UPDATE #2] Additional HD screenshots added at the bottom of this article.








anna-williams-tekken7-classic-costume-screenshot.png (3600120 bytes)     anna-williams-tekken7-pirate-screenshot.png (2762271 bytes)     anna-williams-tekken7-viper-set-screenshot.png (3057297 bytes)     lei-wulong-tekken7-tactical-set-screenshot.png (3102499 bytes)     lei-wulong-tekken7-tactical-set-screenshot2.png (3096276 bytes)
lei-wulong-tekken7-screenshot.png (3315707 bytes)     lei-wulong-tekken7-screenshot2.png (3147170 bytes)     lei-wulong-tekken7-screenshot3.png (3904006 bytes)     lei-wulong-tekken7-tactical-set-screenshot3.png (4077363 bytes)     lei-wulong-tekken7-masters-costume-screenshot2.png (4430421 bytes)

anna-williams-tekken7-screenshot2.png (4648783 bytes)     anna-williams-tekken7-screenshot3.png (3323882 bytes)     annawilliams-tekken7-viper-set-screenshot2.png (3690746 bytes)     lei-wulong-tekken7-lucky-chloe-shirt-screenshot.png (3392201 bytes)     lei-wulong-tekken7-masters-costume-screenshot.png (3151636 bytes)

In related news, the full patch notes for TEKKEN 7 Season 2 are live - containing updates and changes for all 38 pre-existing characters in the game.

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Source:  TEKKEN Official
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